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The fourth part in my ‘Kon Resurrection’ series: Read these first Awakening (Kon’s POV) and Fatherhood Lex’s POV & Family.

There were just some times where you didn’t want to come home and find a contingent of super-heroes (in uniform nonetheless) standing in the middle of your living room.

The following spoilers are in affect for this fic: Teen Titans (entire run), Infinite Crisis 1-7 and the tag line for 52: Week 22.

Heroes )
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The sequel to Awakening (Kon’s POV) and Fatherhood Lex’s POV.

The next will be multiple POV’s.

The envelope and the note it contained were a familiar pale lavender and Clark was really kind of glad that Lois wasn’t around to see him terrified of a note.

The following spoilers are in affect for this fic: Teen Titans (entire run), Infinite Crisis 1-7 and the tag line for 52: Week 22.

Family )
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Last chapter… also includes the Epilogue which is also the Prologue for the next story in this series.

You didn’t think I was going to be able to give this universe up that easily did you?

They had Dean up and moving around a week later.

Possession – Chapter 10 )
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It had taken some smooth talking on Lex’s part to get Lana to come back to the mansion with him. Promises that someone would tell her exactly what was going on and Lex figured that Sam could do that.

Possession – Chapter 9 )
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*Grins* This story is done. And actually the majority of it has been completed for like a month now, I've just been nitpicking and forgetting to post. I kind of like this writing the whole story (or at least a large chunk of it) before posting. It doesn't make me feel like crap when the muses go on an extended vacation and I'm left floundering for words.

He lay on his back, Lana curled up on her side facing away from him and he knew she was awake even though she hadn’t moved a single muscle.

Possession – Chapter 8 )
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If he didn’t see Lex twice each day Dean could have said that he was avoiding him. As it was he guessed it just felt like he was being avoided.

Possession – Chapter 7 )
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Jason was asleep, forehead pressed against her leg and once the nurses were finished reattaching all the wires that Jason had pulled off she’d have to ask one of them to see if he was running a fever.

Possession – Chapter 6 )
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An extra long chapter as an apology for making you all wait so long (but also because there was no good place to cut it).

Sam took the gun from his father and held it in his own hands, deep breaths to calm himself down and he hadn’t realized that he was so angry.

Possession – Chapter 5 )
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:throws confetti: Supernatural has been renewed for a second season.

Supernatural/Smallville crossover.

He came awake with a whimper. Not voiced of course, because Sammy would never let him live it down if he heard it.

Possession – Chapter 4 )
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No, really. This story is starting to freak me out a little with how easy it's being to write.

Supernatural/Smallville crossover.

She recognized him as soon as they rolled him in.

Possession – Chapter 3 )
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I promise more Missing is coming soon.

But until then the next chapter of the Supernatural/Smallville crossover that has taken over my brain.

"Can you think of any reason why Lex Luthor would be going into your boys hospital room?”

Possession – Chapter 2 )
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The Supernatural/Smallville crossover that has taken over the half of my brain that Missing isn't currently utilizing.

Feedback would be lovely.

The pendant settled against his skin, chain heavy and cold around his neck and he screamed.

Possession – Part 1 )


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