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Unto each generation one is born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires
One boy in all the world

Chapter 1

Warrior of Light; Warrior of Dark – Chapter 2 )
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About once a week someone sends me an e-mail asking me about my Buffy stories; specifically about my William-verse stories. All of them went down when Geocities went the way of the dinosaurs. Since I get so many requests for them to be reposted somewhere where they can once more be accessible I’m going to begin posting them (about one chapter every other day or so) to my LJ and Dreamwidth accounts. There are four stories that I wrote in William-verse (William as the Slayer, Buffy is Elizabeth the Bloody). I’ll start with Warrior of Dark; Warrior of Light since that is the one that I get the most requests for.

Eventually Beginning Anew, By The Light of The Dark Moon & With Friends Like These will also go up.

Warrior of Light; Warrior of Dark – Chapter 1 )
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The final chapter of Beginning Anew.

Past chapters can be found at my site:, Chapter 14 can be found here.

Previously on Beginning Anew:

“You let Dawn go,” Buffy said icily. “And I’ll go with you… voluntarily, of my own free will.”

Beginning Anew – Chapter 15 )
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And hey, hell hasn’t even frozen over.

More Williamverse, specifically more of Warrior of Light; Warrior of Dark.

Pairings are totally up in the air at the moment, but at the moment they’re William/Buffy, Darla/Gunn, Riley/Faith, Xander/Anya.

They could end up changing, especially since we’re only about maybe at the halfway point.

This includes the snippet I posted some months back as well...

Warrior of Light; Warrior of Dark – Ch 16 )
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Williamverse… yes an update to Williamverse.

And hell hasn’t even frozen over.

Past chapters can be found at my site:

Beginning Anew – Chapter 14 )


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