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I don’t know if anyone is still interested in reading this series, I’ve had a resurgence of Jude-love since Sherlock Holmes so…

While Ewan was having adventures as Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan is attempting to navigate Ewan’s rather complicated life.

Measures of Insanity – Part 6 )
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Has it really been a year since I posted any of this? Obviously no one missed it but here for those of you that are still interested…

Clara and Esther appeared with their nanny and a note from Eve a few hours after Jude had forced Ewan to have a lie down in his room.

Measures of Insanity – Part 5 )
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Jude paced outside the room, the door was closed and he’d been told in no uncertain terms that he should not go in until the doctor told him it was okay.

Measures of Insanity – Part 4 )
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Right then… so its looking more and more likely like the Jude/Obi-Wan/Hayden is going to happen… eventually.

Also, I’ve decided that since everyone seemed to enjoy Obi-Wan and Ewan interacting on the Force-plane I’ll most likely continue that.

Ewan hadn’t moved on the bed, Jude thought he’d been as freaked out about that fact as he could be already and thought he should be moving on to calm acceptance.

Measures of Insanity – Part 3 )
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More Jude/Obi-Wan, which is looking as if at some point it might veer into Jude/Obi-Wan/Hayden territory… though I’m not guaranteeing anything. Jude is kind of possessive; it’s like he’s channeling Anakin somehow.

Eve wouldn’t come.

Measures of Insanity – Part 2 )
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Well here’s the beginning of the Jude/Obi-Wan portion of the Between Space & Time universe. It was supposed to be a few short stories. Jude is being kind of talkative.

He started to get worried after the second day. He probably should have been worried after Ewan had hung up on him and then not answered the phone when he rang back, but he was used to Ewan being a prick like that.

Measures of Insanity – Part 1 )


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