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Sorry for the delay, the gaming site I participate in decided to start another event less then a week after the last one ending.

LJ: Part 1
DW: Part 1

He feels like he’s playing hide-and-seek with Dean, just when he thinks that he’s got his location nailed down he’ll disappear off his radar.

With These Broken Wings (Take Flight) 2/3 )
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Oh my god, this completely wasn’t what I was supposed to be working on today. And the pairing, that, I don’t even know. I ship Dean/Castiel, I don’t even know where the Dean/Gabriel came from.

This will be about three parts long.

The first indication that he is not alone comes when something wraps him in warmth and love. It is the vaguest sort of familiarity.

With These Broken Wings (Take Flight) 1/3 )
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Written for [ profile] unnat_bandom, this is the sequel to Angels Among Us which should probably be read first.

Here there be Angels and Demons and the Supernatural boys back for another spin. I guess the third time is the charm. I scrapped half this story twice before this version finally gelled. I am incredibly pleased with the final product even if the Supernatural stuff has been subsequently Jossed.

Angel’s Among Us 2: Apocalypse Now 1/2 )
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Do you know what the great thing about being a nobody in fandom means? It means that I can post crack like this (and the one that'll follow it in a few days) and maybe only like five people will read it so I won't have to defend my sanity to a large number of people.

A Supernatural/Panic! At The Disco crossover.

Summary: Ryan never knows how Brendon talks him into doing things like this.

Angels Among Us )
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The third story in my Supernatural/SG-1/SGA crossover, though you only need to read this one first in order to understand what's going on: Journey's End 1.

Journey's End 3 )
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Ryan Ross and I have reached an agreement finally. I write whatever he wants, he lets me work on things that don't involve him.

The sixth story in my continuing Jason Dean Winchester series. Read these first or this will make absolutely no sense: A Love Story, Interlude In 5 Parts, Appearances Can Be Deceiving, Invincible and Perfect Clarity.

I like writing Genevieve, is it insane that I want to AU my own universe and write a story where John goes to Genevieve for help after Mary's death and they end up being this really dysfunctional family?

It didn't take much for her to decide that if she wanted to have the baby she'd have to take drastic measures.

A Mother's Story )
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The fifth story in my continuing Jason Dean Winchester series. Read these first or this will make absolutely no sense: A Love Story, Interlude In 5 Parts, Appearances Can Be Deceiving and Invincible

Sam sees things with perfect clarity.

Perfect Clarity )
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This was supposed to be just a missing scene for Journey’s End (how Dean got assigned back to Linguistics) instead it turned into it’s own story.

Read Journey’s End 1 first.

Journey’s End 2 )
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The fourth story in my Jason Dean Winchester series. Read these first or this will make absolutely no sense: A Love Story, Interlude In 5 Parts and Appearances Can Be Deceiving.

Dean called him to vent a lot more often then Clark ever told Lex about.

Invincible )
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This is the third story in an apparent series that appears to have begun with A Love Story and continued on with Interlude In 5 Parts, they should both be read first.

The memory that stood out in his mind above all other things was that Smallville, Kansas had had corn. Lots of fields of corn liberally spread between even more fields of cows.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving )
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This is a sequel to A Love Story (which should be read first or this one won’t make a bit of sense), and is a prequel to a third story in this series Appearances Can Be Deceiving which is almost, but not quite completed yet.

He had just finished up a conference with Tokyo when Clark came in. He should have known something was up then.

Interlude in 5 Parts )
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John met Genevieve Teague when he was sixteen years old. It wasn’t love at first sight. He didn’t know if he could ever say he loved her.

A Love Story )
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Last chapter… also includes the Epilogue which is also the Prologue for the next story in this series.

You didn’t think I was going to be able to give this universe up that easily did you?

They had Dean up and moving around a week later.

Possession – Chapter 10 )
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It had taken some smooth talking on Lex’s part to get Lana to come back to the mansion with him. Promises that someone would tell her exactly what was going on and Lex figured that Sam could do that.

Possession – Chapter 9 )
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*Grins* This story is done. And actually the majority of it has been completed for like a month now, I've just been nitpicking and forgetting to post. I kind of like this writing the whole story (or at least a large chunk of it) before posting. It doesn't make me feel like crap when the muses go on an extended vacation and I'm left floundering for words.

He lay on his back, Lana curled up on her side facing away from him and he knew she was awake even though she hadn’t moved a single muscle.

Possession – Chapter 8 )
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If he didn’t see Lex twice each day Dean could have said that he was avoiding him. As it was he guessed it just felt like he was being avoided.

Possession – Chapter 7 )
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Jason was asleep, forehead pressed against her leg and once the nurses were finished reattaching all the wires that Jason had pulled off she’d have to ask one of them to see if he was running a fever.

Possession – Chapter 6 )
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An extra long chapter as an apology for making you all wait so long (but also because there was no good place to cut it).

Sam took the gun from his father and held it in his own hands, deep breaths to calm himself down and he hadn’t realized that he was so angry.

Possession – Chapter 5 )
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You know it seems I can write short stories.

Also, note. I love Papa John.

This is a Supernatural/Stargate/Stargate: Atlantis crossover.

TITLE: Journey’s End
AUTHOR: Melanie
SUMMARY: Dean was ten when he realized that his father viewed him and Sammy differently.
RATING: R. Because Dean and Sam have potty mouths.
PAIRINGS: Gen – there are no declared pairings, though there is definitely some slashy subtext
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own them, I’m only playing.
FEEDBACK: Always welcome.

Journey’s End )


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