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Title: Undercover
Author: Melanie
Fandom: Ringer
Characters/Pairings: Bridget/Victor, Bridget/Andrew
Rating/Category: R / Drama/Action
Warnings: Mentions of off-screen rape and violence against a main character.
Summary: The FBI's plan was simple, send one of their own agents undercover, bring Macawi to justice. Bridget should know that when it comes to simple, her life is anything but.

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of the Teen Wolf sort.

I'm working on the last 2 chapters of SS:AOS and it's gone in a decidedly different direction then I thought it was going to take when it introduced the concept of A'kresh back in the middle of the story.

It'll make the next story in the series an adventure to write, as I'm fairly sure that considering I'm having to write the final 2 chapters in this one in multiple POV's when the story (barring a few chapters) have been written entirely in Stiles' POV.

Other things I'm working on:
Ringer: I've got the next chapter for Version: Update almost done. It's got some Bridget/Siobhan interactions, but it's mostly Bridget/Andrew & Juliet trying to figure out how to move forward with a Siobhan that's not going to disappear.
Person of Interest: I'm working on this for the big bang that may or may not happen. It's an AU that posits what if the Nathan had continued on doing what he was doing after a physical confrontation between him and Harold. It's pairings right now are Nathan/John/Sam, past Nathan/Harold and future Nathan/John/Harold/Sam and all the incarnations that come with that.
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Completely self-indulgent Ringers fic. Also, I don't know where the pairing came from, I in no way ship Bridget/Victor at all .

Witness Protection )
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Random Ramblings: The ‘it’s time to slim down apparently’ edition, but crap there’s a couple of really great new shows this season, so maybe not.

Bandom: I think I’m done with bandom. I’ll tinker away and finish Jericho (which is multimedia, not just bandom) mostly for myself, and most likely the girl!Frankie universe, but for anything else I’m pretty much done. I don’t believe I had anything else in progress, at least no one’s harassing me for more of anything so…

I’m still reading a little, mostly My Chem with a little Pete Wentz and Ryan Ross (though no one appears to be writing him) in there to mix things up. But the current incarnation of Panic! doesn’t interest me (anyone who knows me, or reads this LJ knows I was with Panic for Ryan) and I think after this length of time that it’s not going to suddenly sink its claws into me. I think this is a long time coming, personally. Most of the authors that I liked, that wrote pairings that I would read have moved on (either to other pairings or fandoms) and I’ll keep an eye on my favorite authors, of course, some of them still have WiP’s that I’m waiting on updates for or have been talking about things that might theoretically be coming in the future but I’m pretty sure that I won’t be hunting out anything new.

Supernatural: I’m mostly sure that I’m done with this show, in fact I think that’s pretty definite, I’m DVRing it but I haven’t watched an episode yet this season. I stayed last season for Misha and because Jensen is pretty. But Misha’s gone and Jensen being pretty is not enough to keep me watching the show when I don’t really understand (or even like) the characters anymore.

Ringer: This is the first show in a long time that I’ve wanted to write for which is saying something. I’ve got the third story of ‘Version, Update’ in progress. And I’m completely shipping Bridget/Andrew (a het pairing, who would have thought?), I don’t know if that’s who I’m supposed to be shipping but of the character interactions that I’ve seen SMG and IG have the most amazing chemistry.

Once Upon A Time: I’m adoring this show, it’s one that I watch with my sister (we also watch Criminal Minds and NCIS together as well). I don’t know if fic is in the future for it, but there’s a few ideas bubbling around. Just a couple episodes in and I’m shipping Snow White/Prince (James) Charming. Snow White kicks butt; Mary Margaret is still growing on me I think. I’m also really liking Emma and though I have some ideas of what I’d like to see for her, I think I’ll hold off until the show gives us a little more on her. I’m glad that next episode we’re going to branch out a little from the Snow/Prince/Emma/Regina/Henry stuff and introduce other characters.
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Summary: Andrew sees things quite a bit more clearly than people give him credit for.

Siobhan, Version 3.0 )


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