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It’s finished… really, truly finished!

Justin was really beginning to wonder if everyone had moved in with him and he was just simply the last person to know. It seemed at least likely that Chris had moved in, he never left, at all. Like he was afraid if he did that the locks and alarm code would be changed and he’d never get back in.

Every Good Plan… Has Payouts of Bets )
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“This is fucking ridiculous,” Justin grumbled, he slammed the front door for good measure. Just in case anyone that was actually in the house was under the misconception that he’d had a good day.

Every Good Plan… Has The Release of A Solo CD )
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He’d been expected for about two hours, JC knew that his house would be one of the first places that Justin came to when he returned home.

So yes... I'm PMS'ing, if I depress anybody I'm sorry.

Also there are exactly two stories left in this series.

Every Good Plan… Has The Release of A Solo CD
Every Good Plan… Has Payout of Bets

Every Good Plan… Has The Return of JRT )
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JC was dreaming that he was surfing. That in itself wasn’t unusual. He didn’t dream so much about surfing any more but every so often he’d have one; not recently though, recently his dreams had been decidedly not for family viewing.

Every Good Plan… Has Conversations in Bed )
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“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Britney fidgeted on the doorstep next to him. JC rolled his eyes again. She’d asked the same question four times since they’d left his house.

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A short ficlet (or missing scene if you like) set between Every Good Plan… Has A First Date and Every Good Plan… Has An Intervention Staged By A Boyband

It was the leather pants that got the first response. Britney had licked her lips and made him spin twelve times while she got a good look at them on him.

“I already have two pairs of leather pants,” he’d argued futilely.

Every Good Plan… Has A Shopping Spree )

edited because I'm an idiot and posted the wrong version. :)
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He was going to have to kill them all. JC knew this now.

In fact he was so sure of this fact that he had tombstones and burial plots all ready in his mind.

Every Good Plan… Has A Boyband on Tour )
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Justin was frustrated. It had been a long morning, punctuated by self-injury and much mocking, disguised as concern by his ‘friends’. And it seemed to be getting even longer as he waited for someone to let him into JC’s house.

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“So…” Trace’s voice was light with humor; Justin left his head resting on the kitchen table. They’d made him stop banging it against the kitchen table when they came in. Something about concussions and not wanting JC and the others to get pissed at them for letting him injure himself.

Every Good Plan… Has More Plans )
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He should have known the minute that he got home and found Cameron standing in his living room that something was really wrong.

Every Good Plan… Has A Double Date with Ex’s )
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They’d been expecting him for two days; JC had won his first bet ever because of the seemingly unexplainable delay at Justin’s arrival. Britney had scowled as she handed over the thousand bucks.

Every Good Plan… Has An Intervention Staged by A Boyband )
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As first dates went, theirs was pretty uneventful considering.

Every Good Plan… Has A First Date )
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So there was a post in someones LJ a few weeks back, I don't remember who or I'd cut it in... but that got the muse thinking and she spat this out.

They talked for two hours, at 4 am they had the beginning of a plan. At seven they put it into action.

Every Good Plan… Has A Beginning )


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