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of the Teen Wolf sort.

I'm working on the last 2 chapters of SS:AOS and it's gone in a decidedly different direction then I thought it was going to take when it introduced the concept of A'kresh back in the middle of the story.

It'll make the next story in the series an adventure to write, as I'm fairly sure that considering I'm having to write the final 2 chapters in this one in multiple POV's when the story (barring a few chapters) have been written entirely in Stiles' POV.

Other things I'm working on:
Ringer: I've got the next chapter for Version: Update almost done. It's got some Bridget/Siobhan interactions, but it's mostly Bridget/Andrew & Juliet trying to figure out how to move forward with a Siobhan that's not going to disappear.
Person of Interest: I'm working on this for the big bang that may or may not happen. It's an AU that posits what if the Nathan had continued on doing what he was doing after a physical confrontation between him and Harold. It's pairings right now are Nathan/John/Sam, past Nathan/Harold and future Nathan/John/Harold/Sam and all the incarnations that come with that.
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Random Ramblings: The ‘it’s time to slim down apparently’ edition, but crap there’s a couple of really great new shows this season, so maybe not.

Bandom: I think I’m done with bandom. I’ll tinker away and finish Jericho (which is multimedia, not just bandom) mostly for myself, and most likely the girl!Frankie universe, but for anything else I’m pretty much done. I don’t believe I had anything else in progress, at least no one’s harassing me for more of anything so…

I’m still reading a little, mostly My Chem with a little Pete Wentz and Ryan Ross (though no one appears to be writing him) in there to mix things up. But the current incarnation of Panic! doesn’t interest me (anyone who knows me, or reads this LJ knows I was with Panic for Ryan) and I think after this length of time that it’s not going to suddenly sink its claws into me. I think this is a long time coming, personally. Most of the authors that I liked, that wrote pairings that I would read have moved on (either to other pairings or fandoms) and I’ll keep an eye on my favorite authors, of course, some of them still have WiP’s that I’m waiting on updates for or have been talking about things that might theoretically be coming in the future but I’m pretty sure that I won’t be hunting out anything new.

Supernatural: I’m mostly sure that I’m done with this show, in fact I think that’s pretty definite, I’m DVRing it but I haven’t watched an episode yet this season. I stayed last season for Misha and because Jensen is pretty. But Misha’s gone and Jensen being pretty is not enough to keep me watching the show when I don’t really understand (or even like) the characters anymore.

Ringer: This is the first show in a long time that I’ve wanted to write for which is saying something. I’ve got the third story of ‘Version, Update’ in progress. And I’m completely shipping Bridget/Andrew (a het pairing, who would have thought?), I don’t know if that’s who I’m supposed to be shipping but of the character interactions that I’ve seen SMG and IG have the most amazing chemistry.

Once Upon A Time: I’m adoring this show, it’s one that I watch with my sister (we also watch Criminal Minds and NCIS together as well). I don’t know if fic is in the future for it, but there’s a few ideas bubbling around. Just a couple episodes in and I’m shipping Snow White/Prince (James) Charming. Snow White kicks butt; Mary Margaret is still growing on me I think. I’m also really liking Emma and though I have some ideas of what I’d like to see for her, I think I’ll hold off until the show gives us a little more on her. I’m glad that next episode we’re going to branch out a little from the Snow/Prince/Emma/Regina/Henry stuff and introduce other characters.
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The first 'book' in the Books of Jericho series that I've been talking about forever is up on A03.

I'm ready for Summer to be over with the. The humidity is going to be the end of me. Also, when it's this hot I've really got no inclination to write and I think my Soap people over on are going to lynch me if I don't get new chapters up soon.
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You guys... I finished my bandom Big Bang!! I'm signed up for the second wave so I still have some time to reread it and flesh out anything that needs to...

But the guts of the story? Done!!

This also means that I can concentrate on my RPF Big Bang, I still have a couple of days before sign ups for writers close and I want to poke at it a little bit more to make sure it's something that I think I can finish, but I think Jericho would work really well for it.
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The, did With These Broken Wings Take Flight get recced somewhere? edition. Because over the course of the last three days I've gotten more 'FF Favorite Story Alerts' from then when I originally posted it.

Some personal stuff going on, I think... you know, sometimes I just wish that things worked out, and that my worst case scenarios didn't end up being 'this is your life'.

My sister and I bought a house in October, now I'm wondering if maybe that wasn't a mistake and also wondering at what point she's going to come and tell me that five is definitely a crowd and seeing as how she has the nieces she's not going to be the one going anywhere.


I really don't want to move again. It was a pain in the ass.
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Bandom Big Bang: Yep, I signed up for Bandom Big Bang, 2nd wave because it gives me a little more time. Though i have a feeling that all three of the maybes for it will end up being long enough for 1st wave.

At some point I'll need to choose between aliens, vampires or missing princes and focus on the one that will end up being for the bang.

Danger Days Box set: It arrived finally, and OMG is it the most awesome thing I've ever seen. I got the Party Poison set which I was just thrilled about (though I would have been happy with any one of them). It's displayed prominently already, I'd love to be able to get my hands on the other three at some point. But not at the prices that I'm seeing up on eBay.

Concerts & Comic Con: Made plane reservations for the Boston My Chem Concert (as well as hotel reservations). Also made the plane reservations for comic Con (as well as those hotel reservations as well.

Coming Soon:
a. A Bat By Another Name: Luthor kidnaps a young Connor Grayson-Harper, hell hath no fury and all that.
b. Sequel to We All Fall Down: Gerard sees a ghost that Mikey would be really interested in, if, you know Mikey were still alive.
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I have tickets to the Boston show in May of next year! Oh My God, you guys! I’m going to get to see My Chem in concert, finally!

Is anyone else going to the Boston show? Is anyone familiar enough with the area to point me in the direction of a good hotel that’s within walking distance of the House of Blues? I’ll probably be flying in the morning of and then back out the next day, so I’m game for a meet up if anyone else is.


Every time I think that I’m pretty much done with Bandom something pulls me back. I’d been getting to that point recently; I’d thought, I’ll just finish up what I’m working on quietly post it somewhere and then move on to something else.

You see Panic and Ryan Ross were my gateway into Bandom and while the split made it hard I was still excited to see what directions the bands would take, two bands, more music, hope that eventually maybe they’d all come back together into one band. Fast forward to a year later and The Young Veins have practically disappeared, Panic! doesn’t have an album out and they’re just not happy making for me in the same way (the lack of Ryan Ross I’m thinking) and the possibility of them all coming back together is so unlikely that hell will freeze over and Lucifer will become the king of Iceland first.

Fall Out Boy was my second entranceway and now they’re all split as well and while I’m loving what I’m hearing from the Black Cards it’s kind of hard to be excited about a band that doesn’t actually have an album out that I can listen to.

My Chemical Romance was sort of one of those peripheral bandom bands for me at the beginning, I knew their music, loved the stage antics and everything, but they weren’t it for me. They were like that best friend, you know, steady, kind of reliable (drummer changes not withstanding) that you fall in love with so slowly that you don’t even realize that you’ve fallen in love with them until it’s a done deal. I ordered the box set and I don’t even care whose gun I get, I love them all. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve been this excited about an album or the prospect of seeing a band in concert. See above with regards to the fact I’m going to see them in concert in May, I’m calling it my birthday present to myself since my birthday is on the 10 of May anyways.

Side note: I’m kind of bummed that our ray guns aren’t coming with our box sets next week, but, hopefully they’ll come shortly after.


Things that I’m working on:

Bandom - The Perfect Collar: In case anyone was wondering or cares, I’ve pulled down the first three chapters of this, it’ll go back up eventually in its entirety once I have it finished. It’ll be a while.

Bandom/Mixed Media - Jericho: Continues to be my happy place, I might actually participate in Bandom Big Bang if they do it next year and finish it.

Bandon – Disney!Panic: I’ve been kind of flitting around in this, it started off as a series of comment-fics that I wrote for nev-longbottom, that then kind of got expanded. It’s mostly gen with hints of possible Ryan/Brendon, Ryan/Spencer, possibly going towards OT3 or OT4.

Supernatural: I’d like to finish the Jason Dean Winchester series off at some point and I’ve been getting feedback on Journey’s End which is just fantastic, and kind of bizarre because it’s been a while since I’ve written anything for that series and I’m not sure if people are just wandering through the stories that I’ve written and finding it or if it’s been recced someplace.
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The first part of this doesn't have anything to do with DW so if you're reading this on that site disregard (unless DW has lost their minds as well, which I think is unlikely, but...)

To be a lemming and follow everyone else, but also because I don't want this happening because I didn't say explicitly not to.


I don’t think this will be an issue, but I’ll put it out there just to be on the safe side. I will defriend for this. Also, if anyone cares, my really informal friending / defriending policy is thus:

Friending – If you have the same fannish interests that I do or have posted fic that I absolutely adored, I have friended you. I rarely, if ever, friends lock anything. So honestly, if I haven’t friended you in return you aren’t going to miss anything but if you feel that I haven’t friended you back in error and am missing stuff on your journal feel free to send me a PM and I’ll rectify it. As long as the Facebook/Twitter thing doesn’t become an issue I don’t see posting behind a friends lock happening.

Defriending – As long as you don’t make derogatory comments in regards to any of my favorite people or pairings, I won’t defriend you. I tend to be really laid back but I have my favorites and I’ve seen some inflammatory stuff that just twigged me the wrong way. Sometimes I’ll defriend if fannish interests begin diverging, but mostly if I’ve friended you for fic or fandom interests you’re not going anywhere. Favorite people and pairings (in case you were wondering) can pretty much be found by clicking on my fic masterlist.

Random Ramblings:

1. Ryan and Brendon got photographed together over the weekend. They neither one look completely thrilled to be sitting next to the other, they both look tired and I’m not sure what the heck was up with Brendon’s hair but… my OTP is still kind of shiny. :D

2. My GH fic has sucked out almost all my brain. Stories that move this smoothly almost always scare me because I’m forever waiting for a roadblock to slam up in front of me. But… it’s almost done, it’s going to end up being almost 90 pages in Word and I completely adore it. I just wish there was a bigger fandom for GH slash, is there a LJ community for soap slash? Would anyone be interested if I created one on DW, I have a bunch of codes, I could totally do that…

3. I have DW Invite codes, does anyone still need one? Let me know. Also, do we have any idea if DW is going to do a Permanent account sale in the near future? If LJ is going to continue attempting to fail like this, I’d like to have a more permanent fallback space.

4. Fic is moving along, I’ve got a bunch of things I’m fiddling with. Sequels to Six Years Ago & The Brother’s Way, as well as a new one titled Jericho, one that fits into A Bat By Any Other Name (DC Fic).

a. Six Years Ago is from Spencer’s POV, still no pairing as of yet and it’s looking to be a bit longer then Ryan’s POV
b. The Brother’s Way introduces P!ATD to the universe – Ryan/Bob
c. Jericho is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/bandom fusion and there’s a bunch of bandom people of course, Panic, FOB, but there’s also a bunch of non-bandom people front and center with them. Jake Gyllenhaal, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Jessica Alba, Chad Lowe, General Clooney! I’m having fun with Jericho and I can’t get disclose the main pairing because it would give away a main plot point of the story.
d. A Bat By Any Other Name – Luthor kidnaps young Conner Grayson-Harper. Hell hath no fury and all.
e. Dragons!Universe – My latest entry into Ryan/Bob. It’s nowhere near close to being ready to post yet but I’m really enjoying where it’s heading at the moment; I’m not even really giving Ryan a hard time in it.
f. A GH What-If: Olivia had told Sonny she was pregnant with Dante instead of lying. Not sure of the pairing, if any, though I’m having fun with the Lucky/Dante pairing for Forgotten Friends so it might end up carrying over. Will most likely be published at like Forgotten Friends when I get it somewhat ready to go.
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The Supernatural edition, as well as some other things.

But first, Supernatural. I think I'm alone on my friends list in my opinion that all Thursday nights episode did was full me with dread about the finale. If any of these three things happen I will most likely cut my ties with Supernatural the TV show, immerse myself only in Fandom and tape Fringe instead. That said, if in the finale the final battle comes down to Lucifer!Sam vs Human!Dean or Lucifer!Sam vs Michael!Adam. I'm done, also if Castiel dies in the finale I'm also done. I also think that we will see God before we see Michael again, solely because as of this last weeks episode I'm firmly of the belief that the Michael bone was thrown out there strictly to placate the Dean girls that wanted Dean to be important to the story in his own right, instead of important only because of this connection by blood to Sam.

I'm excited as all hell about The Young Veins album, everything I've heard just makes me more excited and I've already got it on pre-order. I'm sort of meh about the P!ATD album at this right now though. Part of this is you can post pretty pictures, and everyone from the band down to Pete can tweat(?) about how excited they are, but since my favorite part of Panic is now in TYV I need something else to motivate me to buy the album. From the posts on my friends list I'm pretty much in the minority on this fact.

I really, really want a long, plotty, happy Ryan/Brendon fic. But it seems like everyone has either jumped ship to other pairings (Spencer/Brendon) or other bands (too many to name). At this point I think I would settle for a good fic that doesn't completely vilify Ryan. That seems a bit much to ask for if evidenced by everything I see being posted.

Thinking of doing a timestamp meme... haven't decided for sure yet but if there's anything you're just dying to know about any of my fics (see the Main Fic posting, helpfully updated this morning just for this reason) comment away.

My birthday is Monday! I'm working that day, and the best friend and I decided that she would take me to see Iron Man 2 on Tuesday ($1 popcorn is hard to pass up).

Book Sale Today! Should probably go figure out what I'm looking for, last time I just wandered the aisles waiting for something to jump off the shelves into my arms (that doesn't happen by the way).
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I have officially signed up and will be slowing uploading my stuff there so as to get it all in one place.

And I even managed to get the same username as I use for all of my sites which is awesome.

Angels Part 2 is moving along awesomely now, I had a mild false start that had me scrapping about 50% of the story and beginning again last week.


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