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Completed, finally. And just in time for big bang season to begin. *grins*

Part 1 | Part 2

He hits the ground running. Gabriel’s little stunt has put him hours behind schedule.

With These Broken Wings (Take Flight) 3/3 )
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Oh my god, this completely wasn’t what I was supposed to be working on today. And the pairing, that, I don’t even know. I ship Dean/Castiel, I don’t even know where the Dean/Gabriel came from.

This will be about three parts long.

The first indication that he is not alone comes when something wraps him in warmth and love. It is the vaguest sort of familiarity.

With These Broken Wings (Take Flight) 1/3 )
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Written for [ profile] unnat_bandom, this is the sequel to Angels Among Us which should probably be read first.

Here there be Angels and Demons and the Supernatural boys back for another spin. I guess the third time is the charm. I scrapped half this story twice before this version finally gelled. I am incredibly pleased with the final product even if the Supernatural stuff has been subsequently Jossed.

Angel’s Among Us 2: Apocalypse Now 1/2 )
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Do you know what the great thing about being a nobody in fandom means? It means that I can post crack like this (and the one that'll follow it in a few days) and maybe only like five people will read it so I won't have to defend my sanity to a large number of people.

A Supernatural/Panic! At The Disco crossover.

Summary: Ryan never knows how Brendon talks him into doing things like this.

Angels Among Us )
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This was supposed to be just a missing scene for Journey’s End (how Dean got assigned back to Linguistics) instead it turned into it’s own story.

Read Journey’s End 1 first.

Journey’s End 2 )


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