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Summary: Stiles is back home, everything and nothing is the same.

TITLE: SS:AOS: The Rise of A’kresh
SERIES: Stiles Stilinski: Agent of SHIELD
RATING: PG-13 (for now)
PAIRING: Stiles/Clint
AUTHOR: Melanie
Summary: Stiles is back home, everything and nothing is the same.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing Marvel, MTV, etc own everything but the idea to mesh them..

SS:AOS: The Rise of A’kresh

The thing is… the thing is he actually knows things.

Except not all things apparently because Erica and Boyd are dead and Derek’s sister Cora is alive. Jackson fled town after the whole Kanima thing and the Alpha’s are either dead or on the run with the exception of the twins who had apparently ended up siding with Derek and Scott because of…

Well love, Scott tells him.

Love conquers all or some absolute crap like that and it should settle something within him that some of the stuff that he saw actually happened, but then he wonders why he saw some of it but not all.

What he did differently in that reality that he didn’t do in this one… besides be kidnapped for a year by unknown evil forces.

He concentrates on the simple things like living, breathing, ignoring the fact that SHIELD has people watching his house to make sure he doesn’t snap and kill everyone he knows.

Things are the same and things are different.

Derek’s sister Cora is alive.

Erica is dead, Boyd is dead, Jackson is gone.


Both his therapists agree that he needs to write things down.

They have different reasons behind that request. One knows pretty much everything; the other one knows that he was kidnapped and held for a year and not much more.

It’s a good idea though, and he has his dad buy a bunch of notebooks. Mostly because if he puts it on some form of electronic equipment he can’t trust that Tony Stark who is probably tearing apart the tech that he was hooked up to won’t find a way to hack it if he feels that Stiles might be hiding something.

So he does, except he writes it all out in code, his entire history, his life as he remembers it from before they woke him up and told that this was his life again.

He writes it out in SHIELD code in Arabic, because… well because he can.

And because if for some reason someone gets their hands on it they would need to play nice with SHIELD and know someone who spoke Arabic. Anyone that he personally knows playing nice with SHIELD seems unlikely considering his dad apparently came into his hospital room when they were putting those god awful restraints back on him… he thinks that pigs will fly and they’ll end up with double moons first.


Of all the people that he would have thought would have been stepping up to help him along in trying to acclimate back into his life, Lydia hadn’t even cracked the top five.

But when he hobbles into the school, Scott and Isaac hovering close enough that if he falters one or both of them will catch him, he finds her waiting by his locker. She looks beautiful, immaculately put together. He ignores the looks, the whispers and keeps his head down. Scott wouldn’t even let him carry his backpack so he just kind of hunches his shoulders.

Maybe he should have taken the time that his dad had offered.

She dismisses Scott and Isaac with a look and a hand wave, opens his locker for him and waits for him to speak.

“Maybe I should have…”

“Nonsense, keep your head up, smile and remember that these people are less than important in the grand scheme of things,” Lydia says, which is her way of saying that he should just get back on the fucking horse before it kicks him in the stomach again, she arches a perfectly sculpted eye brow at him. “Where are your books?”

“You sent them away with Scott,” Stiles rubs a hand over his wrist, his body aches and he hadn’t taken anything stronger than ibuprofen that morning because he didn’t want to fall asleep in any one of his classes.

Lydia looks startled for a second but recovers quickly. “Well it’s not like they’re expecting you to actually know any of the material,” she decides. “You’ve got one of us in each one of your classes and I’ll introduce you to Ethan and Aiden so that you don’t try and attack one of them.”


Apparently there was an actual pack of Alpha werewolves, the twins, Ethan and Aiden are the only ones left. The others are dead or fled town. There was also apparently a Darach and Derek in his quest to apparently try and date as many homicidal lunatics as possible, had done exactly that.

“I’m really sorry about Jackson,” he says, because honestly he can’t process any of the other stuff at the moment.

“No, you’re not, but it’s very sweet of you to say so.”


Isaac and Danny are in first period with him and the teacher is someone he doesn’t recognize.

“Temp for Ms. Blake,” Isaac murmurs, Stiles just looks at him because he doesn’t know who Ms. Blake is or why he should.

His teachers sort of let him coast through the day (except Mr. Harris who asks him pointed questions about material he very obviously wasn’t present to learn and then sneers at him when he can’t answer, Stiles draws the SHIELD emblem on the cover of his notebook and tries not to make eye contact) the pack plays bodyguards and shuffling him between classes.

Allison and one of the twins, Stiles doesn’t know which one are in his last class of the day. The teacher is writing on the board, long loopy spirals. The day has been a blur of stuff and the teacher when she turns around is vaguely familiar in a way that Stiles thinks means he should know her but he doesn’t know how (or from which line) and when her eyes meet his he shivers because there’s something cold and empty there that he doesn’t like.

He rubs at his forehead and counts as he breathes.

“Mr. Stilinski?” she says and he looks up to see her looking at him expectantly.

“Um, what?” he says, his voice sounds kind of hollow to his own ears; he can see Allison looking him worriedly from the corner of his eye.

“Do you need to go to the nurses’ office?” she asks kindly, her voice is lyrical and sweet sounding; it’s a contradiction to the look in her eyes that screams ‘I want to disembowel you’.

“No,” he coughs. “No, I’m okay.”

She looks at him and he can tell she doesn’t believe him.

And that she’s pleased by that fact.


Rayden is gone, it’s hard enough to deal with things with Liu there and people wanting to ask questions like who this guy is and how does he know our Sheriff? Without Rayden and his, well his Rayden-ness, things dial back a bit and he stops worrying about attacks and starts worrying about his son.

“Has he said anything?” Liu asks, Stiles is at school. John doesn’t look at the clock, he knows one of the pack will bring him home, probably the whole pack will bring him home and then John will have to feed them.

He should probably go grocery shopping.

“No,” he sits there instead, at the kitchen table with a contraband soda and hot-pocket in front of him. “He’s writing in a journal like his therapists want him to, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of it when I snuck a peek.”

“Code of some sort?” Liu’s brow furrows.

“Code, maybe another language to boot,” John takes a bite and makes a face; he tries not to picture Stiles’ disapproving look if he were to walk in and see his father eating it. Then he puts it down and lays a napkin over it.

There was a year where he would have given up everything he had and was to have Stiles sitting on the other side of the table looking at him with disapproval and worry.

“You want me to take a look at it?” Liu asks, John just raises an eyebrow at him. “It was a thought; don’t look at me like that.”


Derek had made a command decision when Stiles was found and brought home looking like a stiff wind would break him in two, that he would keep his distance.

If he kept his distance then anything else that would want to harm Stiles would keep its distance.

“I don’t remember him being this quiet,” Cora says, she has a book open in front of her. Derek and Peter have instituted pretty firm homework rules. It’s about the only thing they could agree on.

Derek just looks at her, Peter is quietly getting a drink out of the fridge, he doesn’t trust him and honestly he would rather Peter be anywhere but here, but Derek doesn’t have much in the way of a pack anymore. Himself, Cora and Peter.

He loses them he’s an Omega and he’s sure his mom would figure out a way to resurrect herself to kick his ass.

So he deals with the possibility that Peter will show his true colors and stab him in the back and is just as on his guard as he can be considering they share a bathroom.

“That was years ago,” Derek says, “people change.”

“Scott’s worried about him,” Cora continues, like Derek hadn’t even spoken.

He would make a face but Cora’s not looking at him and Peter is digging through the freezer looking for what he doesn’t know. His phone buzzes in his hand and when he looks down at it he can see a text from Stiles waiting there.

know any werewolves in Laurentville Kansas?

He looks at it for a moment, just stares at his phone because…

no why

It takes five minutes for Stiles to text him back, during that time Derek watches Cora watch him from the corner of her eye, watches Peter scrub some potatoes in the sink.

no reason

Derek narrows his eyes at the tiny little screen and doesn’t type ‘I don’t believe you’ but only because the keys are too fucking tiny and he’s just not going there.

“We know any packs in Kansas?” he asks, Cora shakes her head but looks at him with interest. Peter turns and the look on his face is calculating.

“There’s a fairly large one in Laurentville,” he says after Derek doesn’t say anything else. “Why? Are we planning a road trip?”


He looks down at the phone and wonders how Stiles knows that there’s a pack in Kansas.


Clint has found four different pictures at four different holes. All him with that kid that has Stark muttering to himself and Steve asking Fury for surveillance footage.

They’re safe for now; he’ll move them somewhere where Natasha can’t get her hands on them when he’s able. The kid is…

Well he’s a kid, so Clint doesn’t think about anything else. Because Kate is older than him but not by a large margin and Clint wouldn’t have thought he was the type but…

But the pictures say something different, if they’re even real. He’s putting money on some elaborate scheme by some at the moment unknown villain for some at the moment unknown reason.

“What do we know about the tech?” Fury is asking, Stark is basically frothing at the mouth to start talking and Fury holds up his hand, “just the bullet points, I have another meeting in an hour.”

He doesn’t and Stark probably knows that but also knows he can’t say anything unless he wants to prove that he has access to a system he shouldn’t.

“It’s AU tech,” Stark says. That’s all he says, and then he sits there with his hands folded together and looks at the room as if he’s just revealed the existence of, well something amazing.

Fury sighs, “okay how about a bit more than that.”

Stark smirks at him, touches his tablet a couple of times and a series of pictures pop up on the screens.

“AU tech, alternate reality bridge tech,” Stark waves his hand and the pictures scatter. “It shouldn’t actually exist and I’m still working on how exactly it was being powered but…”

“And how did you deduce that?” Fury asks, when Clint looks over he’s leaning forward, arms folded together on the top of the table. Steve looks like he wants to say something but he bites his lip and looks over at Stark instead.

Stark flicks his fingers at two pictures and there’s one of Crawford and another of Pepper.

“Because of Crawford and Pep, mostly Crawford though,” Stark frowns. “Peps a public figure, so he might have known about her, but Crawford, he’s not, the kid, Stiles, shouldn’t have known anything about it.”

“So what? They were using the kid to…”

“The kid was the point, SHIELD and us, we were just, I don’t know… window dressing for them. But the tech was focused on the kid and his reactions, what they were looking for I don’t know. There was some demon that Crawford and AU Stiles were researching,” Tony glances down at his tablet. “A’kresh, or something, but they’d not even really dug into that yet.”

“So should we be watching the kid?” Fury asks. “He said he didn’t remember anything.”

Stark and Steve look at each other, Clint can tell, from the expressions on their faces that they think the same thing he does.

The kid remembers everything, getting him to admit to any of it is the trick.



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