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Summary: Stiles goes to college and accidentally gets hired by SHIELD.

TITLE: Stiles Stilinski: Agent of SHIELD
RATING: PG-13 (for now)
PAIRING: Gen – but Stiles/Clint (eventually)
AUTHOR: Melanie
Summary: Stiles goes to college and accidentally gets hired by SHIELD.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing Marvel, MTV, etc own everything but the idea to mesh them..

Stiles Stilinski, Agent of Shield 28/30

Clint should be in medical, probably strapped to a bed right next to Crawford.

Stiles realizes this when they leave his office, meander their way to the cafeteria for food and then back to his room and Clint starts stripping off his uniform to change into sweats.

It’s normally a sight Stiles would enjoy; naked Clint and half-naked Clint are some of his absolute favorite Clint’s. Naked Clint and half-naked Clint typically lead to sexy-times Clint which is a Clint that’s he’s sorely missed.

Half-naked Clint with a bandage taped haphazardly to his back with dots of red just starting to show through… that’s not a favorite Clint.

That’s a Clint that makes him purse his lips and tap his foot.

“Should you be in medical?” he asks, he can’t stop himself, Clint pulls a t-shirt over his head and it’s pulled from one of his drawers but it’s definitely not one of his t-shirts.

“No,” Clint says, he turns and raises an eyebrow at him.

Stiles knows that almost all his bruises are gone, so he just raises an eyebrow right back at him.

“You checked yourself out AMA didn’t you,” Stiles says, he rubs a hand over his head and buries the sigh.

“I’m fine,” Clint says. “It’s just a couple of cuts and Steve being a mother hen.”

Stiles bites his lip and doesn’t believe him.


Apparently there were cameras recording all the events in Beacon Hills. If Stiles had known this he would have had Danny figure out a way to pull the copies even though he knows that with SHIELD involved that would have probably been impossible.

But he didn’t know that cameras were capturing everything, so instead he ends up with Clint bursting into his office looking like the hounds of hell are nipping at his heels (they’re not Stiles is relieved to see).

“What the…?” he manages before Clint is pulling him up out of his chair, patting him down like he’s searching for weapons or broken bones.

Darla has her clipboard cradled to her chest and her eyes are wide. She’s shooting him the ‘should I call for mental health?’ look and he shoots back a ‘not yet, let’s wait until he actually starts speaking in tongues first’ look.

He can see why she was on Crawford’s short list, though if Crawford thinks that he’s going to lounge around in medical eating Jell-O forever he’s got another thing coming.

“Next time one of us is staying behind,” Clint mutters into his ear.

“Okay,” Stiles pats at his back. “Why don’t you tell me what’s going on big guy.”

“Coulson showed us the video,” Clint says, he pulls back so he’s not so blatantly clinging.

“Video?” Stiles asks.

“The one,” Clint waves his hand. “I guess I owe Derek a beer or something.”

He sounds kind of grudging about that, like owing Derek something is equal parts annoying and not fair on some level.

Stiles doesn’t bring up the whole Derek pining thing, it’s most definitely not the right time and Stiles thinks that he might have to have Clint restrained or something.


“So I’m thinking we need to come up with a game plan on how to keep Darla,” Stiles says, Crawford raises an eyebrow at him. “Of course we’ll also have to find a bigger office if we manage to somehow do that.”

“You could just submit a Form 2714, with Form 137B and Agent Coulson would probably sign off on them,” Crawford says, he rubs at his chest making a face.

“Okay, leaving aside I don’t have the first clue what Forms 2714 and 137B are, or even where to find them,” Stiles waves a hand. “Why would Coulson just give us Darla?”

“Because he’s been trying to slide another body into the department since before Agent Markoff died, plus it would make everyone’s lives easier if we could actually move the whole office down three floors to the secure level.”

“Well it would give Tony something to do, figuring out how to break the door locks,” Stiles muses. Crawford makes a face. “Sometime you’re going to have to tell me what exactly is up with you and the Avengers.”

“It’s nothing,” Crawford says. Stiles snorts because Crawford can’t even meet his eyes which means that it’s not nothing.

“I was in New York when,” Crawford waves his hand to indicate what Stiles assumes is meant to be the alien invasion when the Avenger first popped onto the scene. “I was nineteen, first year of college, was in the city when it started.”

“I was watching it on TV,” Stiles says, “it looked pretty intense.”

Crawford makes a noise that could be amusement if his face wasn’t twisting into something else. “It was… crazy, I was,” he shakes his head. “I was absolutely and completely terrified, spent most of the time huddled in a building with thirty other terrified people trying to call my mom.”

“So why did you join SHIELD? You wanted to get paid to be terrified all the time?”

“Because I wanted to not be,” Crawford says. “And also after it all happened my dad tried to force me to come home, said it wasn’t safe and look only bad things happen in the city and… my Avengers thing is just… they didn’t rescue me, no one pulled me out of burning building or saved me from a monster, but they were there and if they hadn’t been we’d all have been dead.”

Stiles doesn’t think that’s all it is, but he’s willing to let Crawford think he believes that.


Darla is a fixer Stiles realizes. He puts her to organizing the filing cabinets because she speaks no languages other than English and has no desire to stick in a Rosetta Stone disc and start learning one.

“I barely passed English the first time around,” she says, “tossing another language in there is just asking for me to fuck that up to.”

She’s… he likes her, he realizes when he looks over and instead of her just dumping everything in the cabinet out and starting all over again she goes drawer by drawer.

There are color coded files and papers smoothed out (his cellphone appears on his desk between him showing up in the morning and coming back from a meeting with Coulson to fight for his right to have an assistant that doesn’t speak dead languages), tabs in various colors and Darla making annoyed sounds.

“I can’t believe Crawford let them get this bad,” Darla mutters.

“To be fair Crawford didn’t,” Stiles says, he taps his pen on his desk and Darla narrows her eyes at him. He stops and folds his hand together. “Those were all on Agent Markoff’s desk and the tables in the corner, I just kind of…”

“Flung them all over the floor to see if Crawford would have a nervous breakdown?”

“Honestly I didn’t know about the OCD thing until after the papers were already there, and he was having fits so I just started shoving them into filing cabinets, which he hated too so I normally waited until he left for the day. Of course then he started complaining that they were going to explode and the paper would be all over.”

“Is that when the locks got put on?”

“It made Crawford feel better.”


Stiles has weekly phone calls with the coven added into his phone call schedule, he spends a lot of time on the phone on Sunday, normally with Clint leaning against him watching a movie on his laptop with the volume turned almost off.

“We started planting the garden,” Andrea says, they have him on speaker which annoys him normally but this way everyone can hear him and he can hear everyone else.

“So decisions were finally made on what was going to be planted then?”

“Corn, carrots and watermelon, and then a wide range of herbs and other plants that can be used in spells,” his dad says. His mom had always loved fresh garden grown watermelon, and his dad had always done something to keep the rabbits from stealing the carrots. They’d normally have the only garden with crops to make it to picking time.

“I was always partial to radishes,” he muses; Tony would probably let him have a patch of roof at the Avengers building to start a small one if he asked.


Crawford is waiting at his desk when he gets into the office in the morning, he looks pale but determined and Stiles immediately starts rehearsing speeches as to why Crawford needs to stay and if does he’ll never force him into the field again.

“We’re keeping Darla,” he says and Stiles blinks. “But Agent Coulson says if we’re keeping her that we need to move to bigger office space.”

“When did you meet with Agent Coulson, why wasn’t I there and… wait does this mean you figured out where the forms we needed to request any of that stuff are kept? Because I asked at least four people and they just looked at me like I was crazy.”

Crawford sighs, it’s familiar and Stiles grins.


Their new office space actually has offices in it. Stiles gets the one with the door and the view of the clouds when the Helicarrier is airborne or never ending water when it’s not. His door has his name etched into a metal nameplate, Agent G. Stilinski.

“So does this mean that your first name isn’t really Stiles?” Tony asks, he has a door now so Tony can come in and harass him without Crawford needing to bolt for his own piece of mind.

“Did you really think that my parents were cruel enough that they’d actually name me Stiles Stilinski?” he asks. “Plus haven’t you already hacked my file? I was pretty sure that would have been the first thing you did.”

Tony makes a face.

“Coulson knows me too well, he buried your file and Crawford’s and put a big fat Stark stop hacking our files message for me to find. Which he should know is just like waving a red flag.”

“I tell you what, you figure out what my first name is without resorting to hacking federal databases or bribery and I’ll think, think I said, put your hands down, moving into the tower.”

“I won’t even make you share a room with Barton if you don’t want to, though he’ll probably be wherever you are so…” Tony shrugs.

“I’m okay with sharing living space with Clint,” Stiles says, he’d better be since they kind of already share his little room on the Helicarrier. “He doesn’t snore and the sex is always a bonus.”



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