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Summary: Stiles goes to college and accidentally gets hired by SHIELD.

TITLE: Stiles Stilinski: Agent of SHIELD
RATING: PG-13 (for now)
PAIRING: Gen – but Stiles/Clint (eventually)
AUTHOR: Melanie
Summary: Stiles goes to college and accidentally gets hired by SHIELD.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing Marvel, MTV, etc own everything but the idea to mesh them..

Stiles Stilinski, Agent of Shield 25/?

He stands there, fingers buried in Derek’s fur and he… just stands there. He’s having a ‘not dead, what the hell do I do now’ moment. His father would probably call it a panic attack; he would probably call it a panic attack except he’s not in a fetal position on the ground trying to force air into his lungs.

So he’s having a moment and everyone is letting him have his moment, or rather Derek’s continued presence in wolf form with periodic snarling; keeps the questions at bay and allows him a small measure of solitude in a sea of motion.

He can hear movement around them, the Hunters being rounded up by SHIELD agents, Agent Coulson talking into his headset.

There are SHIELD agents in front of them, hesitating and he knows they want to get to Crawford so he tugs a little on Derek’s fur and takes three steps back. Derek moves with him easily, eyes watchful as they roll Crawford over. They push away clothing, prodding at a wound that is bleeding; Crawford makes a noise low in his throat and Derek growls.

He considers him pack, Stiles realizes. Derek considers Crawford pack and he wonders when that had happened.


Derek doesn’t shift from his wolf form and it embarrasses him to realize that he lost his clothes when he shifted and isn’t shifting back because they’re surrounded by SHIELD agents and Hunters and…

“Here,” Agent Hill says, she pushes a pile of clothes at him and he lets go of Derek’s fur which has been keeping him relatively calm and steady to take them.

He looks between the pile of clothing and her and she just looks at him. She has that no-expression thing down that Agent Coulson does all the time. They probably teach a class or something once you get to a certain pay grade.

“I sent one of our agents to go collect them,” she says, she makes a gesture at Derek. “Riding to the hospital with him like that is going to be…”

“He likes to stick his head out the window,” Stiles says.

Derek bares his teeth at him and Stiles smiles, it looks kind of sickly if the way that Derek presses close to his legs is any indication, he lets him have a moment then starts nudging at him with his nose.

Herding him towards two cars that apparently he’s going to use as cover to change from wolf form to naked form to hopefully very quickly clothed form. Just because Clint’s not there doesn’t mean that he won’t kill Derek for flashing him even unintentionally.

His dad raises his eyebrows at him from where he’s talking with what he guesses is now his coven.

“You never told me that you considered Crawford pack,” he says. The ambulance is long gone, rushing off with sirens screaming and lights flashing; Lydia and Danny riding along because Stiles hadn’t been able to leave and he wanted people with Crawford just in case.

“You consider him pack,” Derek says and Stiles averts his eyes even though he’s seen every single wolf in his pack naked at some point, he’s got a boyfriend he doesn’t need to be looking at other guys naked.


“You consider Crawford pack, so we consider Crawford pack,” Derek says, Stiles hazards a glance up and Derek is pulling a t-shirt over his head, ruffling his hair a little.

“You consider them all pack, the Avengers, Coulson and Hill, Crawford…”

“You’re not going to challenge Director Fury, are you, because that would be…”

“He’s not a wolf,” Derek says in his ‘you’re an idiot’ voice that Stiles hasn’t heard since he was seventeen.


“He’s not a wolf.”


The witches are standing off in a group, his father and Deaton with them. He can feel the energy from them sort of filtering around so once Derek is dressed he makes his way there.

“Thank you,” he says and Andrea smiles at him.

“Why are you thanking me? The coven was brought together by you,” she reaches out and he takes her hand, she squeezes his fingers and he bites his lip.

“I meant for coming, you didn’t need to, they were, if they’d found you they would have…”

“I don’t fear death, I don’t believe any of us do,” the group shakes their head as one and his father tugs him into a hug. Hands touching his back, he thinks Andrea’s is on the back of his head.

“It’ll be okay,” she says softly.

And he believes her.


Stiles sits sandwiched between Derek and his father in the backseat of one of the SHIELD vehicles. Agent Coulson is driving, Agent Hill is silent in the passenger seat though she has a tablet in her hands that she’s making continually frustrated noises at.

“There’s really no clear signal out here this time of day,” his dad says, “you’ll get one once we clear the wooded areas and get on the main road.”

“There is at least one SHIELD satellite right above us, not counting the one that Stark has got to eavesdrop on all of us.”

“Doesn’t matter, its sunspots or something,” his dad says. He glances at his watch. “We’ll be out of the woods by then but normally between the hours of three and six you can’t get a signal to save your life.”

Agent Hill makes a noise and looks out the window like she can see the satellite and force it to communicate with her tablet.

“Our radios worked,” Agent Coulson says.

“Short distances and everyone you were attempting to contact was within the same geographical area. If you’d been trying to contact someone at say, the hospital, you wouldn’t have been able to.”


Crawford is in surgery when they get to the hospital, waiting room overflowing with SHIELD agents and wolves and the pack humans. The witches had all gone to hotel rooms and they’re going to meet Stiles and his dad at eight for breakfast before they all scatter.

He makes a mental note to get contact information. They should probably have a phone tree in place in case something like this happens again.

Allison flies at him, arms wrapping tightly around him. She doesn’t look crazy so he’s taking that as a sign that her dad isn’t dead.

“He’s going to be okay,” she’s saying, whether to him or to Derek he’s not sure. He doesn’t care. What’s important is that he didn’t manage to get Chris Argent killed and throw Allison off the deep end. He hugs her back then releases her.

“Peter’s sitting with him now,” Allison says. When he looks at her he can see that she looks tired and kind of pale but there’s a small amount of amusement there. “They fight a lot about things that I probably don’t want to really know the details of.”

Agent Coulson has his head bent talking to Scott’s mom and he knows that look in her eyes, he’s going to end up in a room at some point being poked and prodded and possibly confined to a bed.

The pack is milling around, touching his arm, touching Derek’s arm, allowing Derek to touch them in return.

“Stiles,” Melissa is at his side and she presses a cool hand to the side of his face.

“I feel fine,” he says, he has to try. “I don’t…”

“You need an IV and maybe some painkillers,” she says, completely ignoring him. “Definitely some food.”

“I want a cheeseburger and curly fries,” he says even though he knows that it’s hopeless.

“The hospital doesn’t serve that; I’ll get you some chicken broth and rice.”

He looks at her, letting his lower lip tremble a bit and she rolls her eyes at him; his dad drops an arm over his shoulders and tugs him towards the admittance desk.

“Don’t give Melissa a hard time,” his dad says and Stiles allows himself to be ushered along without much further argument.


“Where’s Clint?” he asks when they’ve got him settled in a room and everyone with the exception of Agent Coulson has gone off to either get food or harangue underlings.

Agent Coulson clears his throat and glances towards the door.

“We made contact with the Avengers shortly after you were taken,” he says, Stiles nods. “But we lost contact with them before they could make arrangements to get home and we haven’t heard anything since.”

Stiles blinks at him. “They’re okay though, right?”

“When we had contact with them they were all fine,” Agent Coulson says. “We didn’t tell them what the emergency was that they were being recalled for, we didn’t want to panic anyone.”

They didn’t want to panic Clint. Or Tony. Or Steve or any other member of the Avengers that had decided they had a vested interest in Stiles being alive and staying alive.

“I’m sure they’re fine,” Agent Coulson says, and Stiles nods. Because the alternative is not something he wants to think about.


They force him to stay in the bed with the IV for eight hours by having Isaac sit in the chair nearest his bed and pout whenever he tries to get up.

“I just want to see Chris and make sure Crawford is ok,” he says.

“Mr. Argent is resting comfortably. Crawford isn’t allowed visitors yet and Lydia is riding herd on your dad to make sure he doesn’t eat the food in the cafeteria,” Isaac says. It’s the fifth time he’s recited those same exact words, he doesn’t look up from his magazine anymore.

Stiles sighs, he’d cross his arms over his chest but that would pull on the IV and he’s actually a little tender in the places where fists had landed.

“Mrs. McCall says that you can go once the IV is done,” Isaac says. Stiles looks up and the bag is still half full, he thinks they keep changing it out when he falls asleep so that it’s always half full or mostly full or some measure of not done and stay in that bed or we’ll handcuff you to it.

“I’m fine you know, they’re taking up a perfectly good bed for someone who’s not even hurt.”

Isaac snorts softly.


Peter is sitting on the window sill legs sprawled out in front of him when Derek wheels Stiles into Chris’ room.

“Go team not dead,” Stiles says and Chris huffs a little laugh, shifting uncomfortably. Peter’s eyes narrow and track his movements.

“I asked for my I’m not chained up in a basement or dead celebratory cheeseburger and got some sort of meatloaf surprise from the cafeteria,” Chris makes a face at him, there’s a little smile on his lips and it’s their own little private joke; Derek and Peter are both raising eyebrows in confusion.

“I got chicken broth and rice,” Stiles says. “We should probably file a complaint.”


“What’s going on with Peter and Chris?” Stiles asks when Derek’s wheeling him back to his room. Chris had fallen asleep between one word and the next and Peter had pretty much shut all conversation down and kicked them out of the room.

“They used to be friends once upon a time,” Derek says. It takes him a minute to say that, and he sounds confused about it.

“That doesn’t explain the hovering,” Stiles points out. Or the constant touching, once they’d all been settled in the room, Peter had moved from the window to the side of Chris’ bed. Continually straightening the blankets, adjusting the bed, touching Chris tentatively (like he’s used to touching him but not sure of his welcome anymore); it had been surreal.

“That’s all I know,” Derek says. “Peter said they used to be friends.”

“They act like they were something else,” Stiles says. It’s like a puzzle that he needs to solve, when he gets settled back into his room he’ll ask someone for his laptop and Danny and maybe they’ll be able to get the yearbooks from when Peter and Chris were in school and put the mystery to rest.


“We’re going to move Crawford back to medical on the Helicarrier,” Agent Coulson says, he’s tapping at his phone and not making eye contact. “And we’ve made contact with the Avengers again; they’re on their way back.”

“You should have led with the Avengers thing,” Stiles says, “Because Crawford mentioned this morning that he thought they were going to be moving him fairly shortly and asked if I was coming, so I already knew that.”

“Your requested vacation was up three days ago,” Agent Coulson says. “Also, considering that you were kidnapped during that time and held hostage for several days before being recovered Director Fury rescinded your vacation and put you on active duty.”

Stiles looks at him and Agent Coulson taps at his phone, he looks irritated and Stiles wonders if he’s playing a game or if someone is pissing him via text message.

“Are the Avengers alright, what happened?”

“Not completely sure yet, they’ll officially debrief when they get back, but the short story is that some other life form decided to try and take Loki for war crimes committed and there was a brief scuffle to retain control of him and then some, apparently fairly minor, battles. I’m sure that someone is coming back with at least one new scar if not a broken bone or two, the Avengers don’t know how to do fairly minor battles.”

“But everyone is okay?”

Agent Coulson looks up, makes eye contact with him and doesn’t blink.

“At last check in all the Avengers were present and accounted for, so yes, Hawkeye is fine.”



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