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Summary: Stiles is back home, everything and nothing is the same.

TITLE: SS:AOS: The Rise of A’kresh
SERIES: Stiles Stilinski: Agent of SHIELD
RATING: PG-13 (for now)
PAIRING: Stiles/Clint
AUTHOR: Melanie
Summary: Stiles is back home, everything and nothing is the same.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing Marvel, MTV, etc own everything but the idea to mesh them..

SS:AOS: The Rise of A’kresh 2/?

“Scott, what do I owe the pleasure,” Derek says, he’d really rather slam the door in the kids face, but Scott has that ‘lost my only friend in the world’ expression on his face. Stiles is back so he’s not sure why that expression is still even in existence.

“There’s something going on with Stiles,” Scott says, he kind of shoulders his way into the house, sparing a brief smile for Cora, a sneer at Peter. It’s all half-hearted though.

“I thought he was getting better,” Derek says.

“He’s not using his computer at home, and he’s spending a lot of time with Danny and Lydia, Ethan and Aiden are getting that snarly glare thing back and I’m half afraid that they’ll try and kill him.”

“He looks like strong breeze will tear him to pieces, they can’t really see him as a realistic threat,” Peter says idly. He sounds bored with the conversation already and Derek wonders if he can get Scott into another room before Peter becomes interested in it again.

“I think it’s more they don’t really know him, and don’t understand what…” Scott’s hands wave around and Derek just barely restrains himself from rolling his eyes.

“What does he have Danny looking for?” Cora asks, Scott turns to look at her, brow furrowing slightly. Like he’s wondering how Cora would know that Scott knows what Stiles is looking for.

“Information about some pack in Laurentville,” Scott says, Derek straightens and Peter’s eyes light up.

“Interesting,” Peter says slowly.

“Not really, the whole pack, plus the Hunters that lived in the area were wiped out about two months ago by something,” Scott’s hands wave again and Derek uses his annoyance at Scott’s inability to say what he means without hand gestures to drive his heart back down into his chest.

“Well they don’t know what, something supernatural definitely.”

Something awful, horrible and unbearably strong, Derek hopes that whatever it is isn’t making its way to Beacon Hills.


In a time long past, Crawford would have been one of those people working for SHIELD that Clint wouldn’t have time for.

He was a paper pusher.

Except now he was a paper pusher that had fairly significant ties to Stiles and Clint is all about the ties to Stiles since Fury has said that they can’t be involved in whatever surveillance is being done.

“I…” Crawford manages to spit out. He looks kind of pale, Clint looks at him and wonders how he managed to make it into SHIELD if he can look that terrified at someone appearing in front of him.

“I need you to do something for me,” he says. Direct and to the point, Natasha says he needs to work on that because most people can’t nuance what he wants from his frown. He thinks that’s kind of stupid, but whatever, if he’s frowning he’s not happy. Everyone should know that.

Crawford blinks at him, he appears to be doing some type of breathing exercise so Clint waits.

“What do you need?” Crawford asks, he sounds calm, his color not as ‘close to imminent death’ as it was a few minutes prior.

“The kid, the one that Cap and Carter found alive…”

“Stilinski,” Crawford says, he nods his head. “What about him? Director Fury has already said we’re not allowed to put any type of surveillance on him, magical or mechanical, so…”

“I wouldn’t have thought of the magical thing, someone must have…”


“Right, anyway I don’t want to put surveillance on him.”

“Okay,” Crawford is looking at him with a quizzical expression; it’s a step up from the terror and the hyperventilating so Clint is going to call it progress.

“I want you to make friends with him,” Clint nods once and then frowns when he realizes that Crawford is looking at him like he’s a crazy person. Sometimes he really misses the days when people were terrified of him.

“Okay,” Crawford says slowly, very slowly, he’d probably be trying to back away as well if there wasn’t a closed door and a wall behind him. “You know it doesn’t work like that, right? You can’t just order someone to make friends with someone else.”

“Sure it is, he’s spending a lot of time on-line with some friends of his researching a werewolf pack in Laurentville, Kansas, that’s right up your alley.”

“I’m only doing this because of the werewolves.”


John wonders at times, how different his life would have been if he’d never met Claudia.

He would have been called back to Mortal Kombat, that he’s sure of. He’d probably still be chasing after Sonya, he might even still be acting, though roles for a man his age…

Well they’re fairly slim, he still has an agent that sends him scripts once a year, hoping that if he manages to find the perfect one that John Stilinski will allow Johnny Cage out to play.

He’s happy with his life, he’d be happier if his wife was alive, if there weren’t werewolves and demons, if his son hadn’t been missing for a year. But those are all things he can’t change.

“You can’t change the past,” Rayden says, John doesn’t jump but only because he’s used to Rayden popping out of nowhere.

“Don’t read my mind,” John says, he rubs at his temples, pressing his fingers against them in an attempt to stave off the headache he can feel forming.

“He’s not getting better,” he says.

“He’s talking to the therapists,” Rayden says, his tone indicates that he thinks this exercise futile and pointless.

“But he’s not really telling them anything anymore,” the one that Liu had found, the one that treated survivors of Kombat, that was in the know about the seedy supernatural underbelly had been the only one that Stiles would really talk to. But he’s not even saying much to her anymore and she won’t tell them what Stiles was talking to her about, citing doctor patient confidentiality and making a face at Liu like he should have known that.


Stiles is walking the lines, Hale territory is fairly large even though the pack itself is small. He doesn’t know how that works, to have so many Alpha’s in one territory. If that makes them the new Alpha Pack.

He stops when he feels the lines shudder, takes a step back until the lines reassert themselves. There’s an old pine tree to the left and he flips open the switchblade he’s been carrying.

The rune is simple protection one, once he’s marked the area completely encircling the territory that is Derek’s (and apparently Ethan’s and Aiden’s and Scott’s, what the fuck) he hopes he’ll feel slightly more at ease.

“What are you doing?” he hears from behind him, Derek’s voice is gruff and low. He’s not growling so Stiles doesn’t stop.

“I’m carving a protection rune into this tree,” Stiles says.

“I see this, why?”

“Because,” he touches the rough bark and the smooth place where he’s carved the rune. He pulls his hand back and shaded by his body he presses the blade into the tip of his pointer finger, squeezes until blood wells up and then presses it to the center of the rune.

Derek makes a noise behind him and then his hand is pulled away from the tree and Derek is holding his hand and there’s a lot of things that Stiles is used to seeing, annoyance, anger, barely veiled antipathy… never the worry that he sees there now.

The lines shudder again and then the wards snap into place, joining the ones that he’s already put up, Derek’s eyes widen and Stiles know that he felt them go up.

He twists his hand and wraps his fingers around Derek’s wrist. It’s easier, it continues to get easier every time he lays the mark. He has a sudden vivid memory of sketching this in sharpie on Crawford and Darla’s wrists, he hopes its still there, hopes that it translates over because he doesn’t think he’ll get close to either of them to lay it again. They have no reason to seek him out, not like Clint had.

Derek shivers and his eyes flash at him.

“I just want to protect us,” Stiles says.

“You shouldn’t need to.”

Stiles smiles unhappily and Derek makes a noise low in his throat. “I have 5 more miles to go, you’re welcome to follow along behind if you want. If you’re a good boy and don’t try and get in my way I might even have a treat for you back in my jeep.”

Derek sighs heavily and his eyes scream, you’re doing this just to annoy me, but after a moment’s hesitation he follows alongside him.


She feels the wards, the final ones snap into place and there’s some small measure of alarm. With the wards in place…

He hasn’t activated them yet, the Pack’s line still protects the land. But when he does…

Well she knows that when he activates those wards it will shield this entire town, the only way in and out of the wards will be by the mark of the Witch and he would have to be the one to place that mark.

She will never be one of those trusted ones, she’d let her true feelings shine too brightly that first day he sat in her class. Now he’s wary and watchful, he knows there’s something off about her, but he won’t strike unless she strikes first.

So she bides her time and waits, until the wards are activated they’re just a glimmering line of light that warns any supernatural predator that the land of Beacon Hills is protected by a Witch of power. That alone will be enough to deter some from even crossing the line.

As far as she can tell, standing in front of endless classes of sniveling children that don’t understand true power in any way, shape or form, he’s marked only two of the humans and one of the wolves so far.

She can see it gleaming bright on their wrists and she wants to gnash her teeth and snarl.

But she doesn’t, she waits, because the time will come.



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