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Summary: Stiles is back home, everything and nothing is the same.

TITLE: SS:AOS: The Rise of A’kresh
SERIES: Stiles Stilinski: Agent of SHIELD
RATING: PG-13 (for now)
PAIRING: Stiles/Clint
AUTHOR: Melanie
Summary: Stiles is back home, everything and nothing is the same.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing Marvel, MTV, etc own everything but the idea to mesh them..

SS:AOS: The Rise of A’kresh 10/10

The Winter Soldier is a myth, that’s pretty much all that any of their data can tell him.

A myth and not the type of myth that Stiles normally deals with so it’s not something that would have been uploaded to his server to be classified and dumped into the appropriate files.

If they were still on the Helicarrier there are searches that he could be running or filing cabinets he could be dumping out, because he’s absolutely positive that somewhere there is hard copy documentation lost in a filing cabinet.

Which only makes it more frustrating that he’s been kind of banished to Beacon Hills for ‘security reason’s and these hypothetical hard copies are somewhere decidedly else.

Derek shows on his doorstep about five hours after they arrive, Stiles is honestly surprised Scott and him weren’t there with his dad when the jet came in.

He would say that out loud but he’s pretty sure all he’d get is a glower and he feels like maybe he and Derek have grown as people and he doesn’t want to upset that balance.

“So how ‘bout that alternate universe where Scott was an Alpha, crazy, right?” he says brightly instead.

He still gets a glower.

“How about that alternate universe where you died screaming,” Derek counters, his face is doing some weird thing that Stiles can’t classify. And how he even knows that Stiles doesn’t know because Derek was supposed to be with a group like two hundred miles away.

“Other you was a lot nicer to me,” he complains, Derek raises an eyebrow at him and doesn’t look at all impressed by the other him.


They watch the destruction on TV, every person with a device that can record is taking video of the Helicarriers falling out of the sky.

The only reason Stiles isn’t going completely crazy is Clint had called two days prior to assure him he wasn’t in DC. Stiles didn’t know the point of that until the Helicarriers falling, SHIELD was revealed to have been the home for Hydra and every single classified document that SHIELD had on their servers was on the internet for the world to look at.

It still didn’t tell him who the Winter Soldier was or why the Avengers were hunting for him, but he’s pretty sure they’ve now got bigger problems to worry about.

Crawford and Darla both look shell shocked so Stiles is fairly sure they didn’t know anything more than he did about any of this. Which also means that they’re hopefully not moles for whatever remains of Hydra.

“Guess I’m going to be looking for a new job.”


Clint arrives in town three days after the big dramatic ‘SHIELD is Hydra’ news hits, well everything that can report on it. He looks decidedly worse for wear but however bad Clint looks Steve looks a thousand times worse.

Clint just looks like maybe some rest and a little time off with Stiles cuddling him would put him to rights, Steve looks completely haunted and maybe like some therapy wouldn’t exactly be remiss.

“What the actual fuck?” he hisses at Clint after Steve turns down seconds and goes to sullenly stare at the trees in the backyard. “Do we need to put Captain America on suicide watch or something?”

Clint busies himself by shoving food in his mouth, reaching for another piece of bread that he’d already turned down.

“We’re going to talk about this,” Stiles states, he crosses his arms over his chest and doesn’t look at where Darla looks close to tears and Crawford is staring at his plate like maybe it’ll erase the image of a grief-stricken Captain America if he just stares at it long enough.

Thankfully his dad is at the station, but Steve actually talks to his dad, about what neither of them will say, so maybe his dad being there would be helpful.

Stiles resolves to get him home at the earliest opportunity, he’s pretty sure that Steve isn’t planning on sleeping at all so he’ll probably still be up.


“You need to leave it alone,” his dad says, Stiles can see Steve in the backyard still morosely huddled in on himself.

“Dad…” he starts and his dad shakes his head and glares at him a little.

“Leave it alone, Stiles…” his dad rubs a hand over his face and glances over his shoulder at where Steve has his hands over his face and Stiles thinks he might be crying.

There is something totally wrong in this world where Captain America is sitting in his backyard crying and his dad is telling him to leave it alone.

Maybe he didn’t make it to the right universe.

“He asked me if there was spell for helping people remember who they were,” his dad says finally.

“Like for amnesia or something?”

“I guess, I had the coven look and there isn’t one written or anything,” his dad sighs. “I told him we’d help him in whatever way we could, but that spells of any sort were most likely going to be out. He still wouldn’t say what it was all about but he’ll talk to someone eventually. Until then, you need to give it, give him some time.”

“You know waiting is not exactly my strong suit,” Stiles reminds him.

“I am quite aware,” his dad says wryly, rolling his eyes at him even as he pulls him into a hug. Stiles goes easily because his dads hugs are the absolute best.

“Have you tried maybe hugging him? Dad hugs are the best,” he says, just in case

His father snorts like Stiles is an idiot.


Darla has a tiny bit of a crush on Danny, Stiles can understand that, Danny is the absolute best of them. He thinks it’s a rite of passage for everyone to have just the tiniest crush on Danny.

But Danny has a really great boyfriend who’s not any sort of creature of the night. Stiles has checked, then he had Derek check just to be sure.

Totally human, he hasn’t figured out how to have his dad run a thoroughly illegal background check but he’s fairly sure that Danny has that side covered so Stiles tries to not worry too much about it.


The house is quiet when he gets back from lunch with Scott.

His dad has taken Steve somewhere to beat things up, he’s fairly sure that it’s the same place that his dad and Liu go to, though he’s also almost positive that he’d heard Rayden’s voice that morning.

They’ll have words if Rayden has taken them someplace to beat up actual demons, Stiles has made his feelings on his dad being involved in even mock Kombat very well known.

He’s not sure where Clint disappeared to, normally it would mean assignment, but with SHIELD not gainfully employing them anymore he’s not sure what it means now. He was gone when Stiles got up, no note or message which he knows in Clint’s minds means he doesn’t plan on being gone long enough to leave one.

He’s got a bag of snacks, a can of Red Bull and the vaguest notion that he’s going to put on some headphones and do some serious logging on their database of monsters now that he doesn’t have to worry about actual work anymore.

He’d much rather be actually working.

All that is completely shelved when he walks into the dining room and there’s a homeless man sitting at the table. There’s a gun on the table right next to his hand. Stiles drops the bags with the snacks and Red Bull but manages to keep a grip on his phone.

“Uh,” he manages.

“Don’t scream,” the homeless man says.

“I’m,” he clears his throat and tries to pitch his voice lower so he doesn’t sound absolutely panicked. If there’s a wolf within three blocks of the house they’ll be there in like 90 seconds. “I’m not going to scream.”

He stands there and stares at this scraggly looking man, if he cleaned up; shaved and cut his hair he’d look exactly like…

His mind skitters away from even the idea, because that’s a crazy thought and…

“Can I, uh, help you… with, um, something?” he manages to ask. He glances over his shoulder at the door, and the man flexes his hand just a fraction. He’s wearing gloves and long sleeves, probably to hide the blood splatter when he inevitably kills Stiles.

The man just looks at him, his eyes are kind of blank, but there’s just a hint of desperation there.

“It’s just, you’re, um in my house? And there’s no one here, which means you had to break in so you could sit yourself down at my dining room table. I’m pretty sure you’re not here for my dad… or for me I guess, I mean I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure you’re not here for us.”

“SHIELD,” the man says, a finger taps against the table.

“Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement & Logistics Division,” Stiles shifts on his feet, he thinks he could make a run for the door and yell loud enough in the process of being tackled to the ground and probably having a rib or an arm broken that the pack would hear him and come running.

It’s only the thought that there might be wolfsbane bullets in that gun that stops him.

“You work for them,” it’s a statement, not a question so Stiles doesn’t try and lie or anything. This guy doesn’t know him but he’s pretty sure that he’ll be able to tell Stiles is lying.

“Um, I did work for them, but they’re,” Stiles waves a hand to try and encompass the whole SHIELD, Hydra debacle that he thankfully only got to witness via television and not live and right there.

He’s sure the next question is going to be about the Avengers, whenever someone asks about him working at SHIELD there’s an almost 90% chance that the follow up question is about the Avengers. He’s got a standard comment about Thor’s hair that he almost always goes with.

“Do you work for Hydra?”

Stiles blinks at him.

“Excuse me?”


“No, I don’t work for Hydra,” Stiles says, he keeps his voice even and careful even though the thought that somebody might think he’d work for Hydra knowingly kind of pisses him off.

“Look can we put the gun away and I don’t know, like just sit here quietly and wait for my dad and Steve to come back. Or Clint, Clint will probably be back before my dad and Steve. Because, I don’t know you or anything, but the thing is there are werewolves that patrol this area because you get kidnapped a time or two and all of a sudden you need a supernatural babysitter to make sure you don’t end up getting kidnapped again. If they come within 3 blocks of the house and can hear my heartbeat being all panicked and stuff they’re going to come barreling through the door with claws and teeth out and my dad will be so extremely pissed off if we have to replace the door, or a wall or window again.”

The man blinks at him and slides the gun off the table and into his pocket, Stiles imagines he can probably still get to it faster than he could get to the door but it’s a slight amount of progress and honestly he’ll take what he can get at this point.

As long as it doesn’t end up with him being shot or broken in any way. He doesn’t have a job at the moment, which means he’s not sure what his medical insurance situation looks like other then he probably doesn’t have any.

“Now how about a name? I’ve just been calling you scraggly looking homeless man in my head but it’s kind of long and I definitely can’t introduce you like that.”

The man looks at him, mouth doing something weird like it’s trying to form words but they won’t come. “James,” he finally ends up saying. “James Buchanan Barnes, I guess,” he reaches up and rubs fingers against his forehead like he’s in pain, “I guess people used to call me Bucky.”

“No. fucking. way.”


“Hey Steve, it’s Stiles, so um, when you and dad are finished demolishing bags or demons or whatever, you uh, might want to come back. Like soon, or something. Right, bye.”


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