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Summary: To agree with being a part of Erskine’s program Bucky asked for one thing, that Stevie be kept safe using one of Howard Stark’s newest inventions to be woken when they could fix the things that would take her away from him.

TITLE: Winter Soldier
RATING: R (for language and adult situations)
PAIRING: Bucky/Stevie, Bucky/Peggy, Bucky/Sharon, Bucky/Others
AUTHOR: Melanie
SUMMARY: To agree with being a part of Erskine’s program Bucky asked for one thing, that Stevie be kept safe using one of Howard Stark’s newest inventions to be woken when they could fix the things that would take her away from him.
DISCLAIMER: They are owned by Marvel, Disney, etc.

Winter Soldier 2/?

Fury looks like the vein in his forehead is going to pop, he’s absolutely infuriated but Bucky doesn’t care. If Tony was right, and Tony is rarely wrong, or doesn’t actually see the need to lie to him, then Stevie’s alive and he needs to see her.

“She won’t know you,” Fury says, again.

“I don’t care,” Bucky says, it could probably be construed as snapping.

“Captain Barnes,” Hill starts and he just looks at her, whatever she must see on his face her mouth snaps closed and her eyes narrow.

“I don’t care, I want to see her.”

“She’s sedated right now,” Fury says, the doctor that was sitting in front of Fury’s desk when Bucky came in clears his throat which draws all attention to him. He’s as far from Bucky’s reach as he can be, he probably would have fled the room but Tony is stationed right at the door looking completely gleeful.

“That’s actually…” the doctors voice trembles slightly, “she keeps burning through the sedatives we’re giving her right now, we’ve tried to up the dosages to what we would give Captain Barnes or Doctor Banner and she’s… we’ve done some more bloodwork and…”

“They gave her some form of the serum,” Bucky says, regardless of what everyone thinks he’s not an idiot, he actually did better than Stevie did in school, though not by much.

“Something similar to what they gave Agent Romanoff, though I think by the time they were actively dosing the children within their program they were given a much more conservative version of it. Ms. Rogers is…”

“They couldn’t control her,” Tony offers from the door. “They modified the formula so that they could control anyone else they gave it too, but they’d already dosed her and there’s no take backs in that form of genetic therapy.”

“The little information that Agent Romanoff has been able to supply and Red Room records that we’ve managed to decrypt once we managed to gain access to them, they used a mixture of electro shock therapy and some very questionable brain washing methods and…” the doctor waves a hand.

“It all means she won’t know you,” Fury says.

“That might not actually be the case,” the doctor says, he wilts from the glare that Fury aims in his direction. “She’s got a form of the serum, we’re already seeing a marked difference in the brain scans, when she’s conscious, which is more and more frequently; she’s speaking almost exclusively in English now, though she still lapses into Russian when she gets confused or agitated. She… well she might actually…”

“She might know me,” Bucky says, the doctor nods slowly.

“If she doesn’t now, she might at some indeterminable point in the future. But we can’t even begin to know everything the Red Room did to her, she might not… they might have done enough damage prior to injecting her with the serum that she won’t be able to recover from it.”

Bucky looks at Fury, at Hill who looks like she is commiserating with him, to the doctor who looks down at the ground and doesn’t meet anyone’s eyes.

“I want to see her,” he says again, this time the tone of his voice brooks no argument.


They compromise, or Fury says this is how it’s going to be and we start this way or we ban you from the building.

Bucky could fight his way into her room but he’s trying to weigh the pros and cons, if he gives Fury this little measure then he can push to get into the room that much quicker once Stevie knows him.

The room is completely barren and they’re keeping her in some one piece unitard thing. Stevie probably hates it.

She’s curled up on the thin bed, arms wrapped around her knees. She looks, if he didn’t know, if he couldn’t see her face he wouldn’t be able to tell this woman was Stevie Rogers.

She looks stronger and healthier, there are visible muscles in her arms and her complexion isn’t the pale, sickly white that he remembers. She’s glowing with health and vitality even as she shakes.

He’s alone in the room save for Tony sitting in a corner attempting to look like he’s not paying any attention at all and Natasha standing at the door with her arms crossed over her chest.

He presses the button that he’d been told would open up the microphones between the room and Stevie flinches in the room, curling in further on herself.

“Stevie,” he says, he keeps his voice soft and light. The doctor had said that she reacted badly to loud sudden noises.

Her head raises and her eyes focus unerringly on the wall that they’re hidden behind. He swears he can feel her staring into his soul; she makes a noise that sounds like dismissal and hides her face in her knees.

“Do you know who I am Stevie? Do you know the sound of my voice?” he asks quietly, he touches the glass that he can see her through but she can’t see him.

She looks stricken for a moment, Bucky’s fairly sure he didn’t imagine that and then she mutters something in Russian that he doesn’t understand. He looks over at Natasha pleadingly and she rolls her eyes at him even as she moves to stand next to him.

“She said ‘trick’,” Stevie’s eyes dart up to the wall again; he’d forgotten to hit the button so he knows she heard Natasha. Her eyes narrow and there’s a calculating expression on her face that Bucky doesn’t know if he’s ever seen.

She stares at them and he can feel Natasha rolling her shoulders like she’s getting ready to go into battle, he waits for her to say something else and isn’t prepared for her to roll over to her other side and proceeding to ignore them.

Bucky sighs and hits the button again. She was always a stubborn little brat.

“Well that was certainly anti-climactic,” Tony mutters, then adds brightly, “but at least she reacted to you, maybe it’ll go better next time.”


It doesn’t go better next time, three days later Bucky tries again and Stevie doesn’t respond to anything.

She sits on the narrow bed, knees drawn up to her chest; arms wrapped around them and stares at the wall.

She never once acknowledges them.


He tries, every single day, he talks to her and talks to her and is almost grateful for Fury deciding that he needs to be doing something more productive with his time then talking at a woman that doesn’t even seem to be listening to him.

Fury sends them to South America; it’s him, Natasha and Clint and they’re on radio silence for most of the mission. They identify it as a Hydra safe house, there’s a locked room, hidden behind finger print and retinal scanners that Stark manages to help them gain access too remotely.

The room they find behind the finger print and retinal scanners looks like a low tech hospital room, obviously not been used in a while but it’s the chair in the center of the room that draws their attention.

The Red Room archives that they’ve decrypted had a two page document, that had schematics for chairs that looked like this.

Chairs like this that they’d strapped Stevie into and…

“Cap,” Clint says, he doesn’t touch him, just says his name, he takes a deep breath and releases it. Stevie’s safe now, she’s locked up in a tiny room, but she’s as far out of Hydra’s reach as he can get her at the moment.

“I’m fine,” he says, he turns his back on the chair and sees Natasha at the computers, she’s already got the flash drive in and started pulling stuff off the server. The computer people back at SHIELD will pull out any important information when they get back.

For now he and Clint keep their back to the chair, watch Natasha at the computers and he tries to not think about plans that he’s making for the day when Stevie knows him and he can bring her home.


The table is shaped like the SHIELD emblem which always sort of struck Bucky as amusing. Fury is standing at the front of the table and behind him is a screen that is flashing a series of images one after the other.

It’s like any other briefing that he’s sat through and he’s doodling 3D boxes on his tablet, Stevie was the artist; give her some pencils and a pad of sketch paper and the things she could draw…

It always sort of took his breath away, the life she could manage to put into the simplest of sketches.

Now she’s sitting in a room smaller than the bathroom in their first apartment and he knows that her good behavior means that she’s getting dressed in sweat pants and a tank top instead of the one piece thing that they’d kept her so she couldn’t take it off and use it to kill someone else or herself.

“Anyone have any questions?” Fury asks just as loud alarm klaxons start going off.

“Are we under attack?” Stark asks and Fury ignores him, pressing a finger to his comm instead.

“What’s going on?” he barks and whatever he hears in his ear has his eye darting to Bucky and Bucky drops the tablet because the only reason he has to be looking at him like that is if this is something to do with Stevie.


They don’t know what’s going on, not really. Stevie had been in with a therapist is all Hill could tell them and she’d apparently lost her mind somewhere about the 43 minute mark.

She’s on level 3 somewhere and Bucky has Clint attached to him like a barnacle that he can’t scrape off. He doesn’t know where the others have gone off to. He’s just trying to reach her first because no one has her best interests in mind, no one is going to look at the end of a gun she’s got her fingers wrapped around and do anything but pull the trigger.

They find her on level 2, which means the cameras and sensors in the building are all screwed to hell and back.

“Stevie,” Bucky says, trying to draw her attention to himself instead of the SHIELD agents scurrying to get out of her way. When her eyes make contact with his there’s nothing but terror in them, whatever the therapist they’ve got her talking with has unleashed in her head must be pretty bad.

She’s got a gun in her hand and he can feel Clint’s hands on his shoulders trying to pull him back out of the line of fire. A gunshot won’t kill him but it certainly won’t feel pleasant either.

She screams at him and he can feel Clint startle behind him.

He holds his hands up and tries to make himself appear as unthreatening as possible.

“I don’t speak whatever it is you’re screaming at me there sweetheart,” he says, he keeps his voice light and calm.

“You are not real,” she spits at him, she waves her gun at him and he takes a step closer to her, when she doesn’t shoot him in the face he takes another. “This is a trick, always a trick.”

The look on her face is breaking his heart and he wonders how many time Hydra and all those other nameless, faceless entities that had used his face to break her.

He wonders why Fury and the others haven’t told him that she’s remembering things, that there was a real possibility that if he went into her room that she would say his name and know who he was.

“Not a trick,” he says, he takes another step closer and she backs up one. “Are we dancing now sweetheart?”

“You’ve never taken me dancing,” she says, her eyes look wet, like she’d been crying and he takes another step forward. Over her shoulder he can see Natasha at the end of the hallway, gun up and he makes the slightest of motions to hold her off.

He’s got this, she hasn’t shot him yet, hasn’t touched or harmed another person since he gained her attention.

He’s got this.

“You would never say yes,” he reminds her quietly. “I always asked and you always said no, tried to push me at the nearest gal and…” he’s standing right in front of her, if he reached a hand out he could touch her skin, he can feel the press of the gun barrel against his skin though, so he doesn’t

“If I asked you to dance now would you say no?” he asks and she makes a noise that sounds like a sob, he hears the clatter of the gun hitting the ground and the only reason that Stevie doesn’t follow is because he’s got his arms wrapped around her and she’s clinging to him like she doesn’t mean to let go.


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