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Read the tagged Constants stories first.

Summary: Psychics were few and far between. For every one there was at least 150 trained Constants (that wasn’t counting the untrained Constants that could sometimes sneak in and lure a Psychic away).

TITLE: Constants
PAIRING: Pete/Patrick, Gerard/Frank, Ryan/Bob
AUTHOR: Melanie
SUMMARY: Psychics were few and far between. For every one there was at least 150 trained Constants (that wasn’t counting the untrained Constants that could sometimes sneak in and lure a Psychic away).
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any of these boys and I’m pretty sure that this has never happened.

Constants Ficlet #6

Gerard is seven, his parents are gone and he feels like there’s a hole in his chest.

He still has Grandma Elena and Mikey though so it isn’t a big hole. It’s a hole though and he’s in the hospital for three days. Grandma Elena had fought and fought so that he and Mikey could share a room.

He thinks it might be because she didn’t want to have to keep going back and forth but it’s probably really because separately they were having screaming loud nightmares and in the same room (and sometimes in the same bed if Gerard could get over there dragging all the assorted paraphernalia attached to him without waking anyone) they don’t.

The police come and Elena holds his hand while they ask him questions but Gerard doesn’t know what to tell them. He and Mikey were in the backseat, Mikey was sleeping and Gerard had been coloring.

Mama had brought him a hardbound sketchbook and new colored pencils for the road trip (there was a new packet of markers as well but papa had said ‘no, not in the car, maybe when we get there’) and he’d been drawing.

He doesn’t really remember the accident, just remembers papa yelling and mama screaming and there’d been a loud screeching noise and he’d slammed into the back of papa’s seat even with the seatbelt there.

He doesn’t really remember anything after that, it’s dark and quiet, he thinks he might have fallen asleep, when he wakes up he’s in the hospital and Grandma Elena is arguing with a lady in a white dress and a stern expression on her face.

“Gamma ‘lena,” he says, or mumbles. He might not even have spoken but they look over at him and Grandma Elena’s face is puffy and her eyes are red.

“Oh sweetie,” she says, she spares one last glare at the lady in the white dress and walks toward him.

She touches his face and there are tears on her face.

“Where’s mama?” he asks. Because mama will make Grandma Elena smile and laugh, papa makes her scowl because he’s just ‘too damn stubborn and doesn’t know what’s best for him’.

“Oh sweetie,” she says again. She sits on the edge of his bed and touches his arm and cries.

Gerard waits because mama has said that sometimes you just have to get those tears out so they don’t drown you on the inside. He doesn’t want Grandma Elena to drown, not because of him. So he waits, eventually Grandma Elena doesn’t look like she’s drowning inside anymore and she lays her hand over his and looks him in the eyes.

She has a very serious expression on her face and he hopes he’s not in trouble.

He’d just been coloring, he hadn’t done anything wrong. Mama had given him the book and the pencils and he’d not fought with Mikey or anything.

“There’s been an accident,” she says softly.

Gerard doesn’t understand, not really. But he listens to her talk about a car running into theirs and how mama and papa can’t come home anymore and how ‘Mikey is okay, he’s just two rooms down Gerard and I’m working on getting you in the same room but they’re being bas… mean people about it’.

Gerard stares at her and he doesn’t ask what mama and papa did that they can’t come home anymore, he thinks Grandma Elena will start crying again and he’s feeling stuffed on the inside himself, his hands are shaking and he might need to cry.

He bites his lip and looks down; he wants to cry but if Grandma Elena is right and papa can’t come home that means he has to be a big boy. Whenever papa had to put on his fancy uniform with the patches and go away he’d sit with Gerard and tell him that he needed to be a big boy and take care of things for papa until he came back.

Big boys don’t cry, Gerard wonders if that means that they’re all drowning on the inside.


He’s tested when he’s eight, his mama and papa had been some of their finest and he’s tested separately instead of with one of the big groups like everyone else.

Because he’s one of their legacies. Psychics go back three generations in their family; they’re one of the oldest to be involved with the Institutes.

He passes the test with flying colors and there’s smiles all around, he’s even smiling until he realizes that passing means that he has to leave Mikey and then he wishes he could go back and fail the test so that Mikey wouldn’t be alone.


The Institute is a lonely place. Pete has been there for years, since he was five, but they’re close enough to the same age that they bond quickly. They’re not friends, not really. Gerard thinks that Pete is actually kind of crazy.

They’re treated very well but he still misses Mikey like they severed a limb when they put him in the car.

He can remember Mikey standing next to Grandma Elena, waving and smiling at him as the car pulled away.

He doesn’t remember if he waved back or not.


Pete is his rock, not a best friend, but someone that Gerard depends on to be there. Because there isn’t anyone else, not yet.

They have most of their tests together, Pete standing outside holding his hand when Gerard is in the chamber and they’re looking at his brain, looking on with interest when they test his range, abilities. Gerard returns the favor when it’s Pete’s turn.

Pete holds his arms to his sides when they have to give them shots, Gerard doesn’t remember ever being afraid of needles before he came to the Institute, now he thinks he would be okay catching whatever plague they’re warding against as long as they don’t have to come near him with needles again.

He doesn’t have to hold Pete’s arms down to his side when they get their shots, Pete isn’t afraid of needles. Pete talks about getting a tattoo when they’re finally allowed to leave the Institute for any extended period of time, Gerard shudders when he talks about.

He can’t see himself willingly ever doing that.


Pete gets his groups of prospective Constants first. He goes through the first group so quickly, eliminating everyone within days that they put him back in quarantine with Gerard.

The second group is just as quick and the third even quicker.

Gerard doesn’t know what Pete is looking for; Pete can’t even articulate what he’s looking for.

Pete finds Patrick completely by accident; he’s slipped his handlers and is wandering halls that he shouldn’t be in, not unescorted. Not ever.

Pete tells him later that he knew, the minute that he saw Patrick he knew.

The first time that Gerard sees Frank, years later, he understands what Pete meant. He walks into the room where his Constants are working and he’d been scared, nervous about meeting them all for the first time, he didn’t think he could do this and all of a sudden the computer that Frank had been sitting in front of had exploded.

As an ice breaker it was perfect.

Frank was the first person that Gerard saw in that room. He looked up and he saw him, Frank looking puzzled and kind of scared, and really small.

The bond is that quick to form and they make him hide it, don’t let him finish it.

He thinks Frank knows, he has to know, as does everyone else.

But they make him go through the motions of choosing, even though he’s already chosen. Even thought it kills a little part of him each day to leave Frank there with the rest of the Constants in his group.

Pete knows, it’s hard to hide from another Psychic, Pete brings Patrick with him and they cuddle with him at night, holding him tight when all he really wants to say is ‘I choose him’ and bring Frank home with him.


Gerard tries looking for Mikey. Grandma Elena has passed but Gerard knows that Mikey would have already been tagged before that happened.

He’s either a psychic or a constant, Gerard leans towards psychic because he can remember the faint hum of energy that he’d felt off Mikey before he’d been put in a car and taken away.

He can’t find him, all his requests come back with ‘no information found’.

Gerard knows that Mikey has to be in the system, he’s a legacy, just like Gerard. He doesn’t know why Mikey didn’t come to the same institute as him, siblings have almost always served out of the same one.

In his darkest moments he confides to Frank that he thinks Mikey might be dead.

Then he begs for forgiveness, because he would know if Mikey were dead, he would feel it in his blood and his blood is telling him that Mikey is alive, somewhere.

Eventually he’ll come home; Gerard just has to be patient.

He’s never been very good at being patient.


They’re in the lower levels when the bombs go off, him and Pete and Ryan.

Ryan is quick to move and he latches onto Pete and Gerard even as the world is crumpling around them. It keeps the bond they work with tight and allows them to support each other.

The world is dark, Gerard isn’t sure how long they’re out, when he comes to and Frank snaps back into place in his mind looking completely terrified, he realizes that it’s been a while.

He lets himself be put onto a stretcher and Frank walks beside it, clinging to his hand. If he thought he could get away with it he’d be on the stretcher with Gerard.

They put them in a quarantine room in the med facility, a nurse brandishes a needle and Gerard doesn’t pass out, no matter what Frank says.

Bob is hovering by Ryan’s bed and Patrick is sitting on the edge of Pete’s, if Pete gets his way Patrick will be in the bed with him in a very short period of time.

The door opens when Gerard is muttering to Frank about sadistic nurses brandishing too large for their application needles and the world stops as a young man in uniform steps up to edge of his bed.

That’s Mikey, standing there with a little smile on his face.

Mikey’s home.


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