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Read the tagged Constants stories first.

Summary: Psychics were few and far between. For every one there was at least 150 trained Constants (that wasn’t counting the untrained Constants that could sometimes sneak in and lure a Psychic away).

TITLE: Constants
PAIRING: Pete/Patrick, Gerard/Frank, Ryan/Bob, Mikey/Brendon
AUTHOR: Melanie
SUMMARY: Psychics were few and far between. For every one there was at least 150 trained Constants (that wasn’t counting the untrained Constants that could sometimes sneak in and lure a Psychic away).
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any of these boys and I’m pretty sure that this has never happened.

Constants Ficlet #3

He meets his first Psychic at seven.

It’s two weeks before the start of school and his mom is taking advantage of the back to school sales to get Brendon new shoes that he won’t be able to wear for four months and clothes that are a size too big for him in preparation for the growth spurt she says is imminent.

Brendon gets bored after the first couple of minutes, hanging on the side of the cart is just not that enjoyable when the cart isn’t moving and he amuses himself by ducking in and out of the racks that his mom is patiently searching through.

She makes faces at him when she sees him and Brendon giggles into his hand and ducks into another rack and back out again.

He does this too many times to count and every time she makes a face at him, rolls her eyes.

It’s normal, except he rounds a corner and ducks into a rack and when he comes back he looks over at where she was and she’s not there.

Brendon’s seven; he doesn’t panic, not just then. His mom plays hide-go-seek with him all the time. He ducks back into the rack and waits, knees drawn up to his chest and waits.

And waits and finally decides that he’s waited long enough.

There’s still no sign of his mom when he comes out, she’d always said not to move if he was lost but he’s pretty sure he’s not the one who’s lost, his mom is lost so he goes in search.

He gets nervous when he doesn’t find her right away, she should be looking for him and he hadn’t even gone that far, just around a corner.

They draw his eye because the patches on their shoulders are shiny, they look like metal and he he’s never been anything that could be called shy so he walks right up to them.

The girl looks down at him, her hair is in a tight braid and she blinks at him before she glances around, she catches the eye of the boy with her and he leaves and she kneels in front of him.

“Hi there,” she says.

His mom and dad always say don’t talk to strangers so he bites his lip and looks at the patch on her shoulder.

There’s a pressure in his head that hurts and he presses his hands to his ears, it feels like his brain wants to fall out and his mom would be very upset if it did so he holds his ears and hopes that it doesn’t.

The pressure goes away and he takes his hands away cautiously, letting them fall to his side.

“My name is Hayley,” she says. She holds out her hand and her face is very calm when she looks at him. He takes it very seriously, and they shake hands. “What’s your name?”

“’m not supposed to talk to strangers,” he mumbles, even as he reaches out to touch her patch. The metal part is just letters, there’s another patch below that says Las Vegas.

“We’re not strangers,” she says, she smiles gently at him. “I just introduced myself.”

She’s right, he knows her name and that means she’s not a stranger and he beams at her.

“I’m Brendon, I’m seven, your patch is very shiny.”

“Thank you Brendon,” her lips quirk and he thinks that she might be wanting to laugh but she doesn’t. “Do you know where your parents are?”

“I think my mom is lost,” Brendon says.

“Brendon,” he hears from behind him, when he turns there’s his mom looking like she’s been crying and the young man that had been with the girl standing a little behind her.

His mom runs at him and scoops him up in her arms like he’s a little kid and he squirms because he’s not one. She’s sobbing and holding on to him and Brendon doesn’t quite understand but he wraps his arms around her neck and holds on.

His mom must just be upset because she got lost. She should have known that Brendon would find her.


Ryan Ross is like nothing that Brendon has ever met.

It doesn’t feel completely right, but it feels right enough. Almost all of those that had gone through training and made it into Ryan’s pool are gone.

Brendon knows that it’ll be him, that when it comes down to it that Brendon is the only one that Ryan feels comfortable with.

He’s waiting for that moment, for Ryan to say ‘I choose you’.

It doesn’t come.

His father appears, claiming a family emergency and suddenly Ryan is gone.

Completely gone.

And the only people that seem concerned about that fact are Brendon and Spencer.


Spencer is the one that hears the rumors that Ryan has been found by a visiting Psychic. They can’t get any sort of confirmation from anyone at the Institute and Spencer makes that fateful decision that they’re going to find out on their own.

Brendon isn’t required to say anything because Spencer knows that he’ll follow, it’s not like Brendon has anywhere else to go.

The minute that he’d tested positive as a Constant he’d been told that if he pursued training at the Institute that he shouldn’t bother ever coming back home.

He hasn’t and he doesn’t intend to.


Finding out that Ryan has chosen and that he’s chosen someone that’s not Brendon leaves him feeling like someone just pulled out his heart and stomped into the ground repeatedly.

He could hate Bob Bryar except Bob seems to care about Ryan. Protects him. Would do anything for him.

As much as he really wants to, Brendon can’t find it in him to hate someone that is completely absorbed with making sure that Ryan eats, sleeps and is at least kind of happy.

He just wishes it could have been him.


Bob shows up at his door and commands him to follow him. Brendon would say no but Bob is bigger then him and just as likely to throw Brendon over his shoulder then stand there and argue with him.

He tries to get Bob to tell him what’s going on, where they’re going, what’s going on all the way to wherever Bob is taking him.

“You’re not going to kill me? Right? Right?”

Bob just ignores him and Brendon stops asking questions because Bob is just ignoring them anyway.

He figures out that they’re going to the medical wing pretty quickly.

“Ryan’s okay? Right? You’d tell me if there was something wrong, right Bob?”

Bob still doesn’t say anything though he does make a sound like a grunt that Brendon takes as an affirmative ‘if anyone was dying, I’d tell you, or at least make noises until you figured it out on your own’.

Bob leads him through a door and heads directly for the bed that Ryan is lying in, takes his hand and Ryan looks over at him, makes eye contact with Brendon at the door and smiles.

That little, tiny, blink and you’ll miss it smile.

That’s when Brendon sees him.

He’s standing by Gerard’s bed and he’s looking at Brendon with wide, shocked eyes.

It takes Brendon a second to figure out what’s going on, he’s only ever felt two Psychics in his mind. The first one that he ever met and Ryan and now Mikey Way is making himself completely at home.

He’s not smiling, but Brendon knows without a doubt that a smile from Mikey is something that has to be earned.

Eventually he knows he’ll be the only one (besides Gerard) that makes Mikey break his stoic calm and grin with teeth.


The Psychic that they capture is calm and cool, he has an accent and years before Brendon would have thought that the coolest thing beyond measure.

But that would have been before someone shot Ryan and tried their damnedest to destroy them all.

Ryan had been allowed to leave the Infirmary the day before, Bob has barricaded them into their room and Brendon is pretty sure that he only answers the door when Ryan tells him he has to.

Brian looks over at Mikey, Brendon does to but Mikey is leaning towards the glass that separates them from the room that someone that might have tried to kill them is locked in, his eyes are narrowed and in his head Brendon can feel him pushing and pushing against the walls in this foreign Psychics mind.

“We’re not going to get anything from him, not yet,” Mikey says. He’s still staring with narrowed eyes. “What about the other one? The one that is actually talking to us?”

“David Cook,” Brian nods and leads them out of the room. They walk down two and enter another. In this one there is a young man on the floor on the other side of the glass. Even through that barrier Brendon thinks he can feel his anguish.

There’s something really wrong that one of the Normals is this upset and he can’t quite put his finger on it.

“He’s a Psychic,” Mikey breathes. His eyes are wide and he’s not having to struggle to get information from this guys mind, he’s having to struggle to keep from taking every thing out of it.

Brian looks down at a clipboard in his hand. “He can’t be,” he shakes his head. “He tests lower then a Constant, higher then a Normal I grant you, but…”

“I want to talk to him,” Mikey says, shoulders squaring like he’s preparing for a fight.

“No,” Brendon says, alarmed, at the same time that Brian says, “That’s just not going to happen.”

“He’s not going to hurt me or anyone else here, he’s begging for our help.”


Brendon refuses to let Mikey go into the room alone with a potential bad guy that could try to kill him with a piece of paper.

Mikey gives in too easily which means that he had wanted Brendon to go in with him anyway.

A guard goes in with them as well, Zack is a hulking shadow behind him and he flexes his arms and hands when he steps into the room.

Brian, along with another set of guards and Pete and Patrick are on the other side of the glass.

David is up against the far wall and he looks terrified of them.

Mikey stops on the other side of the table and he doesn’t smile at him, all his smiles are reserved for Brendon and Gerard (and sometimes Frank) but his lips quirk in a direction that someone might think would become a smile with a little bit more effort.

“We’re not going to hurt you,” he says and David shakes his head and stays pressed against the wall.

“You say that now, but I don’t do something you want, say something you don’t like and you…” he shakes his head.

“What did they take from you, to make you agree to help them?” Mikey asks, in his head he looks sad. Brendon thinks he already knows the answer to that question.

David shakes his head again.

“I can tell you if it would make it easier,” Mikey says. “You just have to tell me, tell them that I’m right.”

David stares at him and Brendon thinks that he looks a little bit less afraid of them then he did two minutes ago.

“You were a Psychic…” Mikey squints at him, “six months ago you were an active Psychic, with a Constant you were completely devoted to. You were attacked on a mission and when they brought you back to the Institute you were in a coma, when you woke up you… were different, you couldn’t feel him anymore, they told you that you’d burnt yourself out trying to protect your mind.”

Tears stream from his eyes and Brendon wants to go around that table and give him a hug, he looks like he needs one. Zack must have Psychic abilities of his own because he latches onto him and his hand around Brendon’s arm is an unmovable steel band.

“When your Institute was attacked you both survived, along with the Psychic housed two rooms down and a few others. You were captured trying to get to safety, and your Constant was force bound to that Psychic…”

“It wasn’t their fault,” David says, his voice sounds like he hopes if he says it enough he might actually believe it one day. “They said that if they didn’t, that if Michael didn’t choose one of them that they’d just kill all the Constants that were captured with us until he did do it, he picked Archie because I asked him to.”

“He was trying to protect you both.”

David’s eyes close and he sags against the wall, draws his knees up to his chest.

“You have to let us go,” David whispers. “You have to let us go, if they think that we’ve said anything, if they…”

“Do you really think that even if you walk back in the door to wherever they’re holed up that they’re going to think anything less then that you’ve betrayed them,” Mikey says, he walks around the table and there’s a sound of disapproval, of fear, it takes a moment for Brendon to realize that it had come from him.

Mikey kneels in front of David, touches his leg.

“We’ve killed him,” David says, his voice barely audible, just a breath of a sound. “After everything… we’ve killed him.”

Mikey takes his hand, and Brendon can see him squeeze it, sees David’s eyes open. They’re filled with despair and pain and fear.

“If you let us, we can help you,” Mikey says, he sounds sure, capable, strong.

David looks at him like he wants to believe him and Brendon shakes off Zack’s hand finally (Zack probably actually just let him go, but he prefers to believe that he managed to get free himself) and goes to stand behind Mikey. Puts a hand on his shoulder and the hand that isn’t being clenched in a death grip by David comes up to lay over top of it.

“Please,” David whispers.

“Let us help you,” Brendon says, Mikey squeezes his fingers and David looks at him, focuses on him.

And nods.


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