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Summary: Stiles is back home, everything and nothing is the same.

TITLE: SS:AOS: The Rise of A’kresh
SERIES: Stiles Stilinski: Agent of SHIELD
RATING: PG-13 (for now)
PAIRING: Stiles/Clint
AUTHOR: Melanie
Summary: Stiles is back home, everything and nothing is the same.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing Marvel, MTV, etc own everything but the idea to mesh them..

SS:AOS: The Rise of A’kresh 9/?

The snap, when it happens, into his other body is painful. It feels like he thinks a rubber band (if a rubber band were a sentient creature) would feel when it gets snapped against a hard surface.

It’s jarring and there’s a brief moment of panic where he thinks he’s going to ricochet right through into some other crazy universe that is getting ready to burn down into ash.

He doesn’t, it takes a moment and he has to close his eyes against the double vision before he throws up but when he feels settled enough he cracks open his eyes and Darla has just begun grinning and Crawford is staring at him in frank disbelief.

“Oh my god it actually fucking worked,” he breathes and Stiles just laughs at him. Relief flooding him, he reaches for his phone and it hits all of them at the same time.

“We need to get off the Helicarrier,” he says and Crawford nods, Darla is already halfway to the door.

“Five minutes,” they both look back at him. “Grab everything you can, five minutes.”

Crawford nods and Stiles circles his desk. He’s got a secondary laptop that houses the database he’s been working on with Lydia and Danny, he keys open his SHIELD issued computer and sets it to auto backup its contents to the network that the three of them have been working off of.

He shoves his laptop into a backpack, his phone goes in his pocket, he’s not even sure if he’s going to be able to get off the Helicarrier with the symbols still locked up. He could send Crawford and Darla off to scratch through one but he wants to keep all three of them together.

He’ll just have to hope that Clint remembers, that someone remembers and is taking care of it.

“We’re ready,” Crawford appears in front of him, snapping him out of the ‘what if’ scenarios that are quite frankly, freaking him the fuck out.

“Okay,” the backup is chugging along slowly but the virus that Danny wrote is a masterpiece, Stiles has been looking for a good excuse to use it and it’ll follow along behind the backup only erasing data after it’s already been saved.

Once the backup is done it’ll ignore the computers that Danny had identified as safe havens in its programming and it’ll corrupt any other computer that tries to access that information.

Stiles is not embarrassed to admit that he has a little bit of a crush on the programming.


Stiles is treating it like an exercise in acting normal, walking down the hallways of the Helicarrier with Crawford and Darla trailing him like ducklings.

Crawford has his phone to his ear trying to get a hold of someone, none of the Avengers are answering which is not worrisome since they were supposed to be on a mission of some sort but he’s also not able to get anyone in Beacon Hills and that does actually worry him.

“Agent Stilinski,” Agent Coulson appears in front of him, and Stiles doesn’t jump only because he’s used to Natasha and Clint doing things like that so he’s fairly desensitized to people just appearing out of nowhere, it still makes him stutter out a breath though which he thinks just proves he’s not a robot.

Crawford has stopped scrolling through his contacts but he doesn’t look any more startled then Stiles did, just sort of relieved. Darla makes a squeaking noise, but that’s probably only because she hasn’t been with them long enough yet.

“Bells,” Stiles says, “bells on all of you.”

Agent Coulson doesn’t respond to that besides raising an eyebrow about 1/4 of an inch.

“Where are the three of you off to in such a hurry?”

“Meeting,” Stiles says decisively, “which we’re going to be late for.”

“Hmm,” Coulson twists his mouth and Stiles doesn’t fidget or run but only because if Agent Coulson is not on his side anymore they’re already dead.

“Hawkeye would like me to tell you that just because the plan worked doesn’t mean that it was a good plan in the first place and if you try anything like it again he reserves a right to handcuff you to him,” Agent Coulson just looks at him. “I told him that typically bondage is a one year anniversary type thing.”

Stiles gawks at him for a moment, then laughs, just a little, he’d hug him but he’s fairly sure that Agent Coulson would shoot him if he so much as made a motion to do so.


With Agent Coulson leading the way they make quick time through the Helicarrier, the jet that he ushers them onto isn’t like any that he’s seen before, it’s tiny, if they end up with more the 4 people on it someone might have to sit on someone else’s lap.

“Agent May,” Agent Coulson calls out as he hits a couple of buttons, the stairs fold up into the door and the door slides closed with a soft click.

“We all accounted for? I’m just asking because I’ve had three different communications from Hawkeye in the ten minutes you’ve been off the plane,” a female voice that Stiles doesn’t recognize asks, he’s assuming it’s the pilot and not say some computerized version of Jarvis that Tony built and hasn’t told anyone but Agent Coulson about.

“Tell Hawkeye that Agent Stilinski and his team are accounted for and we’re on the move, let him know we’ll be going dark and if he could try and focus on his mission now that would be fantastic.”


“Do we get to know where we’re going?” Stiles asks. He’s not sure where he wants to go, if the Avengers weren’t off doing whatever it is they’re doing he’d ask to go to the tower, but he’s not sure how safe he’d feel there with just Crawford, Darla and Jarvis.

He’d ask to go to Beacon Hills but he’s also fairly sure that he’s in a lot of trouble and he doesn’t put it past his dad to try and ground him even though he’s an adult and everything.

“Voicemails,” Crawford mutters. “Doesn’t anyone answer their phones anymore?”

“At least you’re getting voicemail, it’s better than we were able to do on the carrier,” Darla says sensibly, she has her tablet out and Stiles peers over her shoulder to see she’s playing a game of some sort. “I don’t want to try and connect with anything just yet in case someone is trying to track us.”

“Beacon Hills,” Coulson says. “That’s where Barton asked me to take the three of you, we’ve already touched base with the local authorities so they know we’re enroute.”

“I’m so getting locked in a jail cell,” Stiles mutters.

“Your father did mention something like that,” Coulson raises an eyebrow at him, “I think he’s classing it ‘for your own safety’.”

“You know, I saved the world,” Stiles says. “You’d think that would buy me a little leeway.”

“Technically I don’t think you can classify it as saving the world when it’s more like you died in Beacon Hills while a bunch of witches synced up the universes so we wouldn’t all be like possessed by demons or something,” Crawford says, he’s not looking at him so he doesn’t see the glare that Stiles shoots in his direction. Stiles thinks he’s texting angry things at someone with the way that he’s stabbing at his phone screen.

“I’ve decided from this day forward that Darla is my favorite,” Stiles decides.

“Can I refuse? It seems like that position means more blood then I’m normally comfortable with,” Darla says. “There’s the bonus of you know, the eye candy, but I don’t know if that’s enough to offset all the blood.”


They touch down in Beacon Hills and there’s only one car waiting which Stiles thanks whatever deity is watching out for him today for.

His dad is in uniform and looking all sorts of ‘not happy’ with him when he gets out.

“I’m an adult,” Stiles says, hoping to pre-empt any grounding that his dad thinks he might feel like he needs to do on that grounds that his alternate universe counterpart had been very definitely a minor.

His dad makes a face but still pulls him into a manly hug and Stiles tries to not look like he’s clinging to him.

“Agent Coulson,” his dad does the head bob of greeting, “Crawford, young lady who I don’t know.”

“Darla, sir,” Darla beams at his dad, stepping forward to offer her hand. “I’m Agent Stilinski’s and Crawford’s assistant.”

“Nice to meet you,” his dad says. “I’d say anyone that can keep my son on the straight and narrow deserves a sainthood or at the very least a medal. But no one’s offered me any of those so I’ll just give you some tips instead.”


“Copious amounts of caffeine and electronic gadgetry that he doesn’t already have,” Darla says. “Sometimes supernatural texts that he also doesn’t already have, but he seems to have an endless supply of people already sending him those so they only work for the really hard to find ones.”

“Crawford, I’ve changed my mind, you are my favorite again,” Stiles says casting a betrayed look in Darla’s direction.

“I’m all aflutter with joy.”


Agent May stays with the plane, but Coulson follows them into town, verifying the security on his dads house. Stiles could have told him it was fine, he checked the wards the minute they stepped foot on Beacon Hills soil, but Coulson already seems a little jumpy so he lets it go.

“What kind of mission are they on?” he asks, his dad has gone off to be the Sheriff, Darla’s taking a shower and Crawford had stepped out on the porch to make a phone call that he thinks Stiles doesn’t know is to Isaac.

It’s the most privacy he’s going to get to ask the questions that Coulson won’t answer in front of the others.

Coulson looks at him, then places his phone in the middle of the table, hitting a couple of buttons before folding his hands together in front of him.

“They’re trying to bring in the Winter Soldier,” Coulson says, he looks expectantly at Stiles, like he’s supposed to already know this. Stiles is sure his face looks blank, maybe slightly confused.

“I have to say I’m surprised that Barton didn’t tell you, they’ve been on three different ops trying to lure him into a trap, the last time he almost killed Director Fury and Steve.”

“I’m assuming the Winter Soldier is a code name for someone?”

“I can’t tell you any more than that,” Coulson says, there’s just the barest hint of disbelief in his voice so whoever this Winter Soldier is supposed to be Coulson must have knew him somehow.

Stiles resolves to do some searching as soon as he doesn’t have Coulson looking over his shoulder making sure he’s not doing that.



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