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Sorry :( This is what I've been working on instead of the next part of SS:AOS. There will be more.

Summary: To agree with being a part of Erskine’s program Bucky asked for one thing, that Stevie be kept safe using one of Howard Stark’s newest inventions to be woken when they could fix the things that would take her away from him.

TITLE: Winter Soldier
RATING: R (for language and adult situations)
PAIRING: Bucky/Stevie, Bucky/Peggy, Bucky/Sharon, Bucky/Others
AUTHOR: Melanie
SUMMARY: To agree with being a part of Erskine’s program Bucky asked for one thing, that Stevie be kept safe using one of Howard Stark’s newest inventions to be woken when they could fix the things that would take her away from him.
DISCLAIMER: They are owned by Marvel, Disney, etc.

Winter Soldier 1/?

I He agrees to Erskine’s serum because they offer a way for him to save Stevie. He wasn’t going to before; he’d resigned himself to Stevie dying and them allowing himself to be shoved off into the war where he could, eventually, follow after her.

But then Erskine stops them at Stark’s show and says ‘we can save her, but…’

The ‘but’ is the crux of the issue; one of Stark’s experiments is cryo-freezing. Bucky hadn’t heard nothing about that, but Stevie had perked right up. Apparently it was in one of those crazy science fiction booklets she’s been reading, he knew he should have kept a better eye on what sort of stuff that was.

He looks at Stevie all pale skin and breath rattling in her chest and he knows that she’s one bad winter from not clutching at his arm anymore and he says yes, with some ‘but’s’ of his own.


The future would be something that Stevie would love.

But Stevie’s not there, Stevie’s not anywhere because one of the first things he’d asked after he broke out of the 1940’s replica hospital room and ran down the streets in a t-shirt, pants and bare feet, was where the hell Stevie was.

Her tube, that metal thing that Stark had froze her in had gone missing along with all the rest of the tubes that had been lined up in that dark, dank room back in the late 1940’s.


When he’s bored he goes and hangs out in Tony’s lab. It reminds him of the war and sitting with Howard while they talked through ideas for weapons and armor, with Peggy chiming in periodically to tell them that something wasn’t going to work.

Tony Stark is a lot and nothing like his father, he tells Tony this once, after they’re getting along and not wanting to pummel each other into the ground.

“I kind of appreciate that,” Tony says, some smirk that he can’t read on his face.

Bucky shrugs and runs a cloth over his shield again. Tony’s working on something over in the corner; Bucky can’t make hide nor tail of it so he focuses on the shield and his guns. Both things that he does understand.


Natasha tries to set him up on dates but all the girls are busty and sassy and that’s never really been his type.

Though Stevie has been very carefully edited out of his story, so all people see is Peggy and he’s kind of glad that Stevie wasn’t around to see all that.

He’d like to think that she would understand, he thinks she would have liked Peggy, would have found her smart and strong and probably would have been pushing Bucky into her bed long before Bucky actually managed to fall there himself.

He’d regretted it every time, but Stevie had been frozen up waiting for miracle cures to all those things that ailed her and Peggy had been there and he was a man in his 20’s in the middle of war with the girl he wanted sleeping like a fairytale and not writing him letters sealed with perfumed kisses like some of the other guys got.


He tries to date Sharon Carter; she’s Peggy’s niece and has the same look about her. Kind of reminds him of Stevie if he’s being truthful with himself.

“I’d say it’s not you, it’s me,” Sharon says, she has her arms crossed over her chest and looks all kinds of angry. He’s been gone for almost a week on not-quite-Avengers-but-close-enough business so he’s not exactly sure what he did, “but I really, honestly believe it’s you.”

“I told her I’d apologize,” he says to Clint later, they’re both raiding Stark’s kitchen because they’ve both been gone for a week and he’s pretty sure he’s going to have to toss out his refrigerator and just start all over again.

“What are you apologizing for?” Clint asks, he’s got a plate of something that looks like leftover meatloaf in front of him, Bucky’s not sure when they actually had meatloaf though it does smell good.

“I don’t really know, but that’s what you do, right? When your dame gets upset at you?”

His only experience with dames prior had been a line of girls in his bed, Stevie and Peggy. Stevie would have looked just completely disappointed in him and Peggy would have actually shot at him.

Had actually shot at him before so he knows that to be a fact.

“I don’t know if Sharon could really be called your ‘dame’,” Clint says, air quotes and all. Bucky looks at him and hopes his face properly conveys his confusion.

“You never went on dates with her, she’d come here or you’d go to her place and then you guys fucked around for a couple of hours and she’d go home or you’d come home. That sounds more like friends with benefits or fuck buddies. Probably fuck buddies,” Clint says and he shrugs when Bucky looks at him.

“Stevie would be so disappointed in me,” he says finally, because it’s probably true, if there’s one thing the Avengers try not to do its lie to each other.


Of course then they get called in for a meeting and Natasha isn't there because she’d lied to them apparently.


Natasha is chasing after an assassin that was apparently trained by the Red Room.

“I thought the Red Room was shut down?” Tony asks, he’s tapping at his phone and ignoring Fury’s glares.

“Apparently, like all evil organizations they had some undergrown network that continued to operate after the core group was decimated.”

They don’t have a good picture of the woman that Natasha is trying to catch up to; petite, blonde, and absolutely deadly. Fury’s got video of her fighting two men more than twice her size and Bucky’s seen Natasha do some pretty incredible things but this woman is just as good. She takes them down in under 90 seconds.

She’s wearing all black and her blonde hair is tied back in some sort of braid thing that doesn’t allow for it to be jabbed.

“One of the guards has three broken ribs, the other one hasn’t woken up yet.”

“Do we have any sort of ID on her?” Clint asks, he’s still as he watches the tape loop back around again, studying it like he’s searching for weak spots they might be able to target.

“Natasha thinks it might be the Winter Soldier, though the soldier is a myth that circulates through the intelligence community about once every 5 years or so. She also thinks she might actually be an American that the Soviets captured or kidnapped. There’s been about 90 murders attributed to her but no actual verifications, this woman is a ghost,” Fury says, “and we need to put a net around her before the Russians or someone else does.”

“Why doesn’t ‘tasha just kill her?” Clint asks, he cocks his head to the side, eyes narrowing, Bucky doesn’t miss the way his eyes kind of flitter toward him before his facial expressions just kind of shut off.

“Because if the Widow kills her we don’t get any answers as to where she came from, or find out if her body count is as high as it’s reported to be.”


The Soldier is always one step ahead of Natasha, it’s like she has some sixth sense as to when Natasha is going to be coming up strong behind her and feints to the left and takes a right. There’s one time before they manage to snag her that Natasha had feinted and took the same right only to have the Soldier circle back and Natasha ended up with a split lip and snarling anger.

They catch her on a Thursday, Natasha managing to step aside long enough that Clint gets a clear shot with the tranquilizer darts and the Soldier goes down in a crumpled heap.

She’s wearing a half mask of some sort and physically she’s actually smaller then Natasha which Bucky didn’t think was possible.

He closes the door on the Soldier and waits for Fury to give the Avengers their next assignment.


“So the thing is,” Tony starts, Bucky’s flipping through the pictures on the digital camera, there was one that he took that morning that he’d wanted to show Bruce because it might be a nice print for Bruce’s calm room.

Tony doesn’t say anything else so Bucky finally looks up, Bruce already focused on the other man.

“The thing is…”

“You can just spit it out Tony,” Bucky says, “And if this is another birds and bees talk I don’t really need help in that area.”

“No, no,” Tony waves a hand.

“Tony?” Bruce says, his voice nice and calm, Bucky still scoots an inch away and folds the camera close to his body just in case the other guy decides to get pissy and make an appearance.

“We ID’d the Soldier finally,” Tony says, Natasha appears at his shoulder and her hand locks around his arm, Bucky thinks she might be angling to yank him out of the room which means this is probably something he needs to hear but won’t like at all.

“He has a right to know,” Tony snaps.

“Not like this,” Natasha snarls back at him.

“Yes like this, because otherwise Fury’s going to bury it and her and you’re going to let him.”

Natasha flinches like Tony just smacked her.

“We got all the bloodwork and DNA results this morning,” Tony says, he takes a shallow breath and looks right at him, not blinking at all. “They all positively identified the Soldier as Stephanie Rogers.”



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