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Summary: Stiles is back home, everything and nothing is the same.

TITLE: SS:AOS: The Rise of A’kresh
SERIES: Stiles Stilinski: Agent of SHIELD
RATING: PG-13 (for now)
PAIRING: Stiles/Clint
AUTHOR: Melanie
Summary: Stiles is back home, everything and nothing is the same.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing Marvel, MTV, etc own everything but the idea to mesh them..

SS:AOS: The Rise of A’kresh 4/?

The pack in Laurentville had been wiped out by a demon. Stiles learns this because he’d asked some not so discreet queries and someone who knew someone who was friends with someone who was maybe passing through Laurentville at the time had heard stuff.

A man had come into town and he’d befriended the packs Alpha and one thing led to another and all Stiles remembers is the fact that Darren had been a dick kind of but he’d never actually wished death on him.

But Darren had proved that Derek wasn’t the only Alpha that had shitty taste in partners. The man had turned out to be a demon and he’d wiped out the pack within a day, wiped out the hunters that tried to come to the packs aid as well.

He writes notes in his notebook and scratches Darren off his list of potential allies.

He’s dead, not a lot of potential for an ally there anymore.


The teacher at school, the one that had looked at him like she wanted to kill him and bathe in his blood is still there. For some reason he thought that once he’d set the wards up, etched all the symbols and blooded them all up that she’d pack up her bags and depart town like the hounds of hell were nipping at her heels.

She hasn’t, she’s still teaching their class and looking at him with dark eyes that promise death and destruction when no one else is looking.

He needs to figure out some way to get in touch with Crawford and Darla and not be labeled a crazy person or stalker at the same time.

He could probably let SHIELD know that he does in fact remember everything from when he was under, but he hasn’t actually figured out a way to do that in a way that won’t have him institutionalized as a result.


“So Allison is dating Isaac?” Stiles asks, Scott is looking at him with wide eyes and… well he doesn’t think that Scott actually wanted to tell him.

He kind of didn’t have a choice though, not when Stiles had walked into a make-up chemistry lab that Lydia was going to work with him on and instead of finding Lydia he found Isaac backed up against a wall with Allison holding him there.

He would have thought attack but unless Allison had turned into some sort of soul sucking demon that did so by attaching her mouth to her victims he had dismissed that right off.

He’d still yelled and waved his hands a lot and maybe had the tiniest of breakdowns. There are constants that are meant to be adhered to… Derek has lousy taste in romantic partners and Scott and Allison are meant to be.

“Dude…” he breathes. “And you’re okay with this?”

Because Scott, a year ago, would have thrown the most epic of tantrums.

“It’s been almost four months,” Scott says, he’s got his earnest face on.

“That doesn’t actually tell me that you’re okay with this.”


It’s a dream, Crawford knows this because this is not his office. This has a window view and a G. Stilinski on the nameplate and… it’s clean. Orderly.

“I didn’t want to do it this way,” the kid, Stiles is saying. Except Crawford thinks he’s not a kid. SHIELD doesn’t hire kids and this kid, man, person, is wearing a SHIELD uniform.

“I don’t understand,” Crawford says, he rubs at his head, he’s fairly sure that he fell asleep in his room at 2300 and there’s sun coming through the windows. Bright sun, he kind of wants some sunglasses or a shade to dim it some.

Stiles leans against his desk and looks at both of them. Darla crosses her arms over her chest and looks young.

“I’ve put wards up around Beacon Hills,” he says. Crawford nods like he understands, except…

“I don’t understand,” he says and Stiles just looks at him with a patient expression on his face, though his eyes look kind of desperate. For what he doesn’t know.

“War is coming,” Stiles says.

“A’kresh,” Darla says in a soft voice, Stiles nods once. “I’m not at SHIELD,” she says.

Stiles takes a step forward, wraps a hand around her wrist, Crawford can see the black lines on it and Darla makes a noise of surprise. He reaches out his own hand, the one with the black lines that he normally can’t see and Stiles grins at him as he does the same to him.

It feels like a jolt of electricity, like a static electric shock. It doesn’t hurt; it’s more the surprise of it actually feeling like anything at all considering this is a dream.

Stiles looks at both of them, there’s a faint, pleased smile on his face and it’s relaxed some. Crawford wonders what he’d been worried about.

“Beacon Hills.”


“Can I talk to Rayden?” Stiles asks him and it catches him off guard.

John looks at him, then at the door. Rayden has been itching to talk to Stiles about the new wards and John had told him to back off in that way that said if he didn’t John had no problem trying to kick his ass.

Liu would probably even try and help.

Rayden doesn’t appear though, probably waiting for John to actually make the request because he can be a contrary asshole that way.


Stiles looks at him with those young-old eyes that make him want to hug and hide him in equal measures.

“I want to ask him some questions about a demon,” Stiles says calmly. John looks back at him just as calmly, inside his heart is beating like a freight train and if this is the thing that finally triggers the heart attack that Stiles has been trying to ward off with vegetables and food John hates he’ll never forgive himself.

“Rayden,” he says, just as calmly, he feels a hand on his shoulder and he knows it’s Liu because Rayden is sitting across from Stiles at the kitchen table.

“Deep breaths,” Liu says softly. John breathes.

Stiles puts a notebook on the table, it looks like one of the ones that John had bought for him to write in. The one written in code that he couldn’t break. He flips it open until there’s one page showing and a symbol taking up the whole page.

No writing, just the symbol.

He pushes it across the table at Rayden and John and Liu both take steps forward so they can better see it.

“The symbol of A’kresh,” Rayden says, his voice rumbles slightly, “where did you see this?”

Stiles folds his fingers together and squeezes, John can see the skin turn white with the force that he’s squeezing and when he makes a noise, Stiles takes a breath and releases it. When he finally looks at Rayden he looks calm and collected.

“When they had me,” he starts, his voice is very soft, barely above a whisper and John wonders if Stiles is trying to keep the wolves from hearing or if there’s someone else.

He jerks a head at the sketch, “A’kresh,” he says, “the symbols kept popping up, when the Avengers found me we’d just found four symbols that formed a lock to keep a witch contained.”

Rayden looks at him, “the seals were etched onto your restraints,” he says. John doesn’t ask how he knows that because he’s never told anyone, not even Liu what he saw on the restraints that the Avengers were marking through when they took them off Stiles.


“The demon A’kresh,” Rayden says, he touches a finger to the symbol that Stiles has sketched in the book. “He’s a lower level demon, not one of the ones that I would normally worry myself with.”

Stiles nods, like he knows this. Like he knows that if this demon is a threat in any way to their realm that Rayden would have already called on people to deal with him.

“He’s coming into power,” Stiles says, he rolls his shoulders. “They took me and the others because he’s got a psychic with an ability for telling the future and we were apparently the ones who were going to stand between him and this power that he wants.”

“There are demons stronger then he that would smack him down before he even made that kind of play,” Rayden murmurs. He looks… well he looks uncertain and John’s never seen him look like that. He doesn’t like it.

“He has followers, one of them is in town, teaching at my school,” Stiles says it so matter-of-factly that it takes a moment for John to actually understand what he said.

He snarls wordlessly, phone already in his hand, Liu stops him.

“What would you like me to do?” Rayden asks.

“If I activate the wards, anyone who hasn’t already been marked with the key won’t be able to pass through them, right?”

“Yes, though when you activate the wards there’s also the issue of anyone who hasn’t been marked not being able to leave,” Rayden says

Stiles smiles, it’s not a nice one and John doesn’t want to know where he learned it.


Crawford is on his computer when he comes in, tapping away at his keyboard and ignoring his presence, Clint goes to open his mouth and speak and Crawford holds up a hand and when Clint doesn’t say anything he goes back to typing.

Clint narrows his eyes.

Crawford is looking intent on his monitor and when Clint rounds it he can see he’s writing a letter. He’s a nosy bastard so he just reads it over his shoulder which seems to be what Crawford had intended.

It’s a list, with bullet points, of things that Crawford needs done, the first of which is:

1. Do not say a word. When I ask, when you’re done reading, just tell me that you understand.

He reads the rest of the list, committing each of the items on it to memory as he feels the muscles in his body begin that familiar tensing before a mission goes live.

He finishes reading, relaxes his shoulder and goes back around to the front of the desk.

Crawford has the fingers of one hand wrapped around the others wrist, it’s a familiar motion, he finds himself doing it at times. Has seen Steve and Tony doing the same at others.

“Do you understand?” Crawford asks, Clint smiles at him and doesn’t ask the ten thousand questions hammering around his head.

“Yes,” Clint nods once and the relief on Crawford’s face speaks volumes. “I guess we’ll see you in the tower.”


It starts with a fight, Stiles hadn’t even been part of it but he’d still managed to get hauled into detention. He’s not quite clear on how, he’s fairly sure that Harris was involved in some way though.

The teacher, the one who hates him down the very fiber of his being and would like nothing more than to destroy him and everything he loves is standing at the front of the classroom.

He shivers, Scott opens his mouth to say something and nothing comes.

When Stiles slowly turns his head he can see Scott sitting there, mouth open eyes frantically blinking. He makes a slow perusal of the room and he can see no one is moving, they’re all blinking and not moving and he slowly rises from his desk. Putting as much space between him and her as he can.

It’s not enough, when he backs into the door he twists frantically at the handle and nothing happens.

Her hand closes around his neck, lifting him just a bit off the ground, he smiles at her and she snarls at him.

“Such a puny insignificant thing,” she mutters. “You’re not even the most powerful witch that I’ve met, yet I’m here and not where I could actually be doing some good.”

Stiles shows her his teeth, “It’s not about power,” he says and she snaps her teeth at him tossing him to the side.

It’s a good aim for him, he hits a picture on the wall and it’s one of ones with real glass that shatters when it hits the ground.

It’s going to hurt, he knows it’s going to hurt but he still grabs one of the bigger pieces and drags it across his palm.

When he turns back to her she’s stalking across the room and he wraps his bloody palm around the wrist of the other hand and he smiles at her.

“It’s about blood and the will to survive.”



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